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“Saree – A Traditional Indian Outfit That Catches Up Well with the Western World”

“Saree – A Traditional Indian Outfit That Catches Up Well with the Western World”

The saree is a traditional cloth worn by most Indian women. It is considered as the main piece of clothing even in present days. In Modern days there are a variety of dresses to wear during any festive occasion, but without saree all are incomplete.

History of Indian Saree:-

The Indian Saree is more than 5000 years old. It was first mentioned in Rig Veda, the oldest surviving literature of the world, written somewhere around 3000 BC.

Opara silk

Saree & Today

With the changing times, many Indian women have followed western trends and they wear jeans, Capri, and skirts on a regular basis. But when it comes to cultural festivals, sarees are their first choice.

Swarna Katan silk

Varieties of Indian Saree:-

Every region of India has got its own unique saree style and many cultures embedded in it, which differs in terms of fabric and weaving style. The exclusive range of Indian Sarees includes:-


Bandhani Saree: – A traditional Indian ‘tie and dye’ textile craft is used to produce beautiful, fine circular patterns on fabrics. It is a classic style of Rajasthan and Gujarat.


Banarasi Saree: – It is one of the ideal wedding Sarees, which is popular among women and is widely considered as an exclusive silk saree. Banarasi Saree in itself contains various styles like pure silk, organza with Zari work.

Kanjeevaram Silk
Kanjeevaram silk

Kanjeevaram silk saree: – Kanjeevaram Indian saree is one of the finest and most popular forms in Tamilnadu. It uses varieties of colored threads and organza with lots of zari work. Tribal designs are the most attractive part of it. The saree has a heavy gauge and long-lasting span.

Cotton Jute

Cotton Printed Sarees: There are lots of varieties of cotton sarees, like batik work, bandhani styles, block printing, handmade drawing, etc. It’s a common saree that you use all through the season. It’s available in all stores of the notable cites.

Cotton Handloom

Cotton handlooms: – Cotton handlooms provide many varieties like- Tant, Jamdani, Baluchari Bengal Handloom Sarees. It’s lightweight and very comfortable sari. Designs are simple and unique. The most attractive ones of these handlooms are peacocks, floral designs, architectural drawing, etc.

Printed pure silk

Printed Chiffon Sarees: It’s a long lasting, easy to wash fabric. It has a lot of colorful prints and combinations. It’s very comfortable to use and maintain. You use it in all parties.

Mangalpuri silk
Venkatgiri silk

Southern Saree Styles – Southern weaves include Venkatgiri, Gadwal, Guntur, Mangalpuri, Bangalore silk, Mysore silk. Mysore silk is one of the finest forms of pure silk. Nowadays it’s a precious variety in the market on Kasuti embroidery, bandhani designs with a palette of exciting vibrant color.

Embroidered Saree

Embroiders Sarees – It’s also called Designer sarees, made with different types of fabrics and designs to turn it gorgeous. Georgette, Crepe, Chiffon, and Silks form the basis for most of their creation. Designers work on Indian embroidery sarees. They use many materials like kundan, zari, kori, and stones with the most suitable color combinations.

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  1. I love saris! You look amazing in those beautiful fabrics and colors and textures. Every year I say I’m going to dress up a little for the big Diwali festival in our area but I feel a little self-conscious because most of the young people don’t dress up for it so I don’t. I do buy scarves from the vendors, though 😛 Thanks so much for sharing more about this beautiful traditional outfit – I shared on Pinterest.


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