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Why Salwar Kameez Is Mainstream Attire among Indian Women?

Why Salwar Kameez Is Mainstream Attire among Indian Women?

The traditional Indian outfit salwar kameez has conquered the hearts of many women. It lends the wearer an enigmatic feel and feminine charm. A modern-day woman is a multi-tasker, she cooks, runs a business, looks after a family and the list is infinite. 

Yes, for any modern women this outfit is functional and a perfect choice as it fits their lifestyle well. Prominent designers are incorporating their innovative ideas, and making the versatile wardrobe staple, stylish than ever! This versatile staple is every woman’s go-to choice irrespective of the event or occasion. 

The much-loved and impeccable garment is available in a plethora of styles and designs to suit your every mood and fit your requirements. The salwar-kameez is conventionally well known as Punjabi suits. The attire is popular among women of north India. Salwar kameez is a three-piece attire featuring a bottom, kurta and dupatta. 

Pondering what is the reason behind its massive popularity?

This post is an attempt to understand why this amazing attire has spectacular popularity.

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So, without any further ado, let’s get started-

One of the absolute reasons owing to its eminence is that the traditional essence of this attire makes it unique. 

Thanks to E-Commerce for its incredible popularity 

There are myriad online stores with a plethora of  Indian salwar kameez styles and designs that are available at fair prices when compared to a brick and mortar store. 

Online shopping is the main reason accounting for salwar kameez’s popularity globally. Because of online stores, this wonderful ethnic attire is within reach. People across the globe are going gaga over Indian ethnic fashion.

You can explore the sumptuously embellished salwar kameez available in various fabrics to woo the discerning fashionista in you at Like A Diva. 

Availability and Affordability 

As far as price is the consideration, salwar suits are available at affordable prices without digging a hole in your pocket. Whether you are going out on a ladies sangeet or attending any cultural event, you love to slip into a stylish and comfortable option of salwar kameez.

Styling Salwar kameez is fun  

Styling this quintessential garment is extremely fun and easy because they are highly versatile and can be adorned to various occasions. You can team salwar kameez with colourful flip flops, or even ballerinas and wedges.

Interesting artificial jewellery can also be used to create an interesting and dazzling look. Jewellery in the form of a necklace, sterling earrings, and pretty bracelets can also be teamed with salwar kameez.  

They add a distinct charm to a women’s personality 

The silhouette impeccably outlines the curves and contours of a female wearer. The opulent attire originates from the Punjab region. The salwar kameez lends an extremely rich look to the wearer. Salwar kameez can be crafted from various fabrics as you desireThe prominent styles of salwar kameez are-

  • Anarkali Dress
  • Dhoti Salwar Suits
  • Patiala Salwar Suits
  • Pallazo Suits

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