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4 Tips For Covid-19 to Follow When Stepping Out of Home After Lockdown

4 Tips For Covid-19 to Follow When Stepping Out of Home After Lockdown

A vast majority of you might be praying for the lockdown period to end. Be it about visiting your local salon, going out for shopping or meeting your friends, you must plan things in advance. Life doesn’t seem to be getting back to normal soon after the lockdown; it’s in your best interest to follow all the precautionary measures for some time.

Don’t stop washing hands

Washing hands punctually is a good habit that the COVID-19 cases inculcated in us since the past few months. Pursuing hand hygiene isn’t just a precaution for Corona virus, but it is also very effective in keeping other viral diseases at bay.  Even when the spreading of Covid-19 gets restricted, you must follow this habit regularly since washing hands keeps you fit and healthy in the long run.

Don’t party in bars or clubs

It is quite natural for you to try meeting your friends and going out at some party or café. Inviting infection seems to be the most common thing while freaking out at clubs, cafes, and other crowded places. The risk of spreading Covid-19 cases have increased in multiple folds during the past couple of months as more of asymptomatic Covid-19 positive cases got registered with the authorities. It is in your best interest to avoid visiting public places and stay put to your home for an extended period.

Don’t throw the face masks away

It is in your best interest to use the mask while going out in the public. You mustn’t forget the saying ‘Precaution is better than cure’. While shopping or going out in the public, you must wear your homemade face masks. Also, make it a point to keep a few extra masks in hand and wash your hands frequently. You can prevent yourself from getting sick by maintaining social distancing. Always keep hand sanitizer and gloves with you.

Don’t sneeze or cough in public places

It is not a good practice to sneeze or cough in public. The world has witnessed a spike in Covid-19 case caused by droplets reaching out people by way of sneezing and coughing. You must fold an arm and cover your face or use a tissue to cover it while sneezing or coughing.With a big number of Covid-19 cases being reported every day, you will find it tough to guess how many people around you are infected. Social distancing needs to be maintained after lockdown.

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  1. It’s definitely still out there but there are at least signs that the strain is weakening, thank goodness. I’ve found that so many people think that they’re protecting themselves by wearing the masks and that it’s their option not to wear them. I guess they don’t realize that the masks are to protect others and not so much to protect themselves. Hopefully it just goes away because education just isn’t working :/ Thanks so much for reminding us that we still need to be careful out there and you look so pretty. I love that color on you and that bag is gorgeous!


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