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5 Best Creams for Oily Skin

5 Best Creams for Oily Skin

Ever admired the beauty of other woman and wondered how do they have such flawless skin? Did they even know, a problem like oily skin ever exists? How are they so blessed with ravishing smooth oil-free skin that men drool over! If you had these questions, we are here with a solution!

Below are the best few creams which will add up to your beauty and won’t cost you extra of that penny too.

  • Lacto calamine oil balance lotion= Rs 198/-

It balances the excess oil from on your skins by adding that soft and plump texture which no one can resist. Giving that adds moisture to your skin it retains its balance for 8 long hours. Ladies, this is definitely a life saver you wouldn’t mind splurging out after all!

  • Himalaya’s Oil free Radiance Gel Cream= Rs 225/-

Even though having a gel-like texture, it gives your skin that smooth &shiny, leaving it hydrated and moisturized for more than 6 hours. It additional natural value fights against the oily skin helping you glow all day.

  • Oriflame’s Love Nature Face Lotion Tea Tree for Oil skin=Rs 349/-

This cream does not give that greasy texture, which is normally the case of every face lotion. It stays on your skin for the longest of time and keeps them oil-free and grease-free. What comes in the package is that it comes along with a warranty card! With that much of everything in a small kitty who wouldn’t wish to spend it.

  • Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Oil Free Moisture= Rs 399/-

With the protection of UVA and UVB, this is definitely a go-to product for every girl’s handbag. Being dermatologist tested and approved, this lotion supplies you with 12-hour moisturization, giving you that smoother- younger looking skin.

  • InnisfreeGreen Tea Fresh Cream= Rs 1300/-

Being rich in mineral like amino acid and benefits of green tea from the Jeju green tea itself, this cream softens your skin making it moisturize and help you get that shiny skin. Although it cost too much of bucks to spend on a product, with that quality and super selling demands, it is a game changer in the current market.

So pretties, before the stock gets limited, fill in your stock with this ‘Magical Beauty Wands’!

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