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5 Essential Tips to Work from Home during the COVID-19 Lockdown

5 Essential Tips to Work from Home during the COVID-19 Lockdown

The outbreak of Covid-19 has compelled a large section of the global population to face disruption. Staying at home for days and months has posed immense challenge for the masses. For those who longed to enjoy quality time with their loves ones, it is now a test of patience.

Losing out on work is another issue that is crippling the lives of millions across the globe. Most employees are resorting to options like working from home, while some of them are even being laid off.

While working from home seems a better option than remaining jobless, the feeling of despair and restlessness is causing widespread unrest in India.

Few Good Tips on How to Work From Home during COVID-19 Lockdown:

1.  Follow the Normal Work Schedule

Following the usual working day schedule is of great importance throughout the lockdown period, although you may feel like catching on more ZZZs. Getting off the bed, taking a shower and preparing for work right at the beginning of your day is important. Don’t let your productivity fall due to the negative impact of the situation. 

2. Set up Your Personal Workspace

All of us need to work both comfortably and relentlessly from home. We need to develop some ad-hoc spaces inside our home wherein we may work in a business-like manner.  Besides ensuring a good posture, you will need to focus on your work. For this, you will need an ergonomic chair and desk. Keeping your desk organized and clean is necessary but it’s unwise to work from the couch or bed.

3. Maintain a Smooth Workflow

You can manage your productivity regularly by tracking your time and work efficiently. You must set a definite goal to help structure your daily agenda. You can begin by drawing a To-Do list wherein you can set priorities to each segment of work as per the deadline. At the same time, you must set a few breaks for fresh tasks, phone calls and other unforeseen circumstances.

4. Utilize technology to Remain in Touch

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean staying in isolation. Communication holds the key to your professional success. You must adhere to the group norms and be punctual even while using the best of technologies. For conducting team briefings, taking calls, and attending video conferences, you may adapt to advanced tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts. Setting up a VPN is of immense help if your IT team can manage it.

5. Keep Your Mind off Distractions

It might not be impossible to keep your mind off distractions while following the WFH routine, but it can be a daunting task. During the work hours, you must not indulge in living room discussions, take personal calls or participate in household chores. Setting the ground rules for your loved ones is of utmost importance. You could work from your bedroom and use noise-cancelling headphones whenever required. Make sure you restrict your mind from wasting time in social media, have your meals on time and log off at the end of your daily work schedule.

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  1. It is so easy to get distracted when working at home. I think it’s important to work in a few “house” breaks during your workday. Taking time to sweep or dust or wipe a counter or do a load of laundry. Just anything to take a break from the computer. Maybe turn on the TV during your lunch break or listen to a podcast. These are all great tips, Swarna! I haven’t gotten a stay-at-home “break” (can any parent of young kids say this has been a break???) because my office has remained open and most of my work can’t be done from home. I have managed to take 3 days off here and there during this period and I’m so excited that I have a 3-day holiday (Memorial Day) weekend coming up this weekend. And you are so good – eating orange slices rather than chips or cookies. Hopefully over the next few weeks we’ll see things normalize a bit. Most of the businesses are back open, though at limited capacity to maintain social distancing. Take care and stay healthy!


    1. Thanks Ruth , and seriously I have a 6 years old daughter and I have to take care of her with my office work. And I know how it is like. but good thing is I am spending more time with her. 🙂

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