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An Interview with Lifestyle and Fashion model MELODY JACOBS

An Interview with Lifestyle and Fashion model MELODY JACOBS

  1. Did you start blogging out of passion?

Yes, I have always wanted a platform where I could showcase my style, and get readers who I can share some of my life experiences with, and also get their views on different topics I share from time to time especially on the mental health segment on my website.

2. What was your initial idea behind creating melodyjacob?

Right from the start, it was all about showcasing my style, working with brands, writing, and getting paid to do all these which came to reality. I have worked with lots of brands.

3. Bloggers are mostly driven by an urge to share. Do you identify yourself with the feminist bloggers?

Yes, I do. As a matter of fact, I am strongly behind any good fight for equality, oneness, and pure justice. I create time to write and share my opinion about feminism as this is a major stronghold in today’s world.

4. Do you want your blog to live up to the trend?

I am very versatile with my style, I believe fashion has no boundaries and so we should be creative with it. I enjoy wearing trendy items but not all suits me. Sometimes, I do them for the views.

5. Do you want your blog to revolve around specific products or brands?

No, my blog is all about everything apart from pornography.  I blog about different topics. There are lots of brands and product services willing to work with bloggers and I am open to different working opportunities outside fashion and the blogging norm.

6. Is there any particular thing that helps you relate to your audience?

Yes, I have come to understand that my audience love to hear stories that they can relate to. Storytelling and asking questions is a very effective way to get your audience even more engaging. They also want to share their opinions about the topic. Engaging topics are a good way to keep your readers entertained.

7. Did you overcome any challenge throughout your blogging journey?

Yes I did. When I started blogging I had no knowledge about blogging. I had to learn and teach myself as I grew. It was a bit difficult especially when it came to pitching collaborations to a brand.

8. Do you pursue any other hobbies apart from blogging?

Yes I do, I would say my career, I love to learn and I am a medical doctor. It is great to be part of this great association. 

9. Have you been inspired by any professional blogger so far?

Yes a whole lot. I have been inspired by a lot of bloggers especially bloggers who are very creative not only fashion-wise but intellectually.

10. Do you feel it’s worthy of monetizing your blog?

Totally, which I have done to the best of my knowledge.

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