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  1. What was your initial idea behind creating Blogaberry?

I just loved writing but was unaware about the concept of blogging and writing online. My friend introduced me to it after I wrote a piece for a parenting website and got a lakh views. I started writing with the intention of helping people lose their extra weight after I lost mine. I created a blog on blogaberry.blogspot but wasn’t happy with the options there. After several people encouraged me to keep writing, I created my own website in 2016. But I still celebrate Blogaberry’s birthday on the day I began writing blogs, ie. Aug 25, 2015.

2. Do you want your blog to live up to the trend?

Not sure what trend you are talking about but yes I would love my blog to be known worldwide because I know it has already inspired the lives of many.

3. Do you want your blog to revolve around specific products or brands?

A woman’s world is elaborate. A woman has many facets and responsibilities and duties and thoughts. We do various things so it’s difficult to concentrate on specific genres or products. Probably when I become a rich ambassador of one particular brand, I can get my blog to revolve around it! Hahaha!


4. Is there any particular thing that helps you relate to your audience?

I have noticed that many people love to relate and resonate with an author. That works well for me because I am mostly writing about my feelings or experiences that people rarely talk about despite feeling or going through it.

5. Did you overcome any challenge throughout your blogging journey?

My main challenge was quiet time. With a little one needing my attention all the time, I was unable to allot time to writing because I would get exhausted by the end of the day. Now that my kids are older, I am able to find time to sit and think and write. Another challenge was topics. My hands itched to write but I would keep wondering what my audience would be interested in. Now I have a lot so, stay tuned!

6. Do you pursue any other hobbies apart from blogging?

Oh yes, I teach belly dance, I love dancing (Ballroom and Bollywood), I am a photographer and Instagram influencer, I am an and I also transcribe minutes of meeting for major clubs in Bangalore. I love bowling and have won trophies with my team. I love doing art (Zentangles, Mandalas, Doodles, Water-colouring, etc.). And I love singing and was in the band in my twenties.

7. Have you been inspired by any professional blogger so far?

I do follow many bloggers and their zest for writing inspires me to write too. But my main inspiration was Twinkle Khanna. I love the way she writes and connects life, politics and humour so well. Actually, my friend asked me to read TK’s blogs to get an idea about what a blog was but I was totally in awe of the woman after reading her write ups.

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