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Ceramic Art on Ceramic Utilities

Ceramic Art on Ceramic Utilities

What is the most important thing when you buy something? Is it its aesthetic appeal or is it its use? I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a tough question to answer. Whenever we, as customers, look for something to buy, we are first attracted by how it looks and then we eventually figure out if it is worth buying according to what its use is. In another situation, we might be looking for something for a specific use, but we still consider if it matches our ‘taste’ and our home décor. One certainly wouldn’t buy a wrought iron table if there is wooden furnishing everywhere in the house.

Ceramics are homemakers’ favorites. They look sophisticated and pretty, are usually sturdy and microwave safe and they come in a wonderful variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. One would love to serve dinner at a party in pretty ceramic plates or place tiny ceramic figurines in the drawing room to give it that ‘elegant’ and ‘antique’ look. This is exactly why ceramic industries are growing like never before.

Ceramic products have definitely got better, with a sprinkle of innovation and a tinge of creativity.

Marrying use with design and colour, several ceramic producing companies, sculptors and artists are coming up with new and unique products every day, giving us a very wide range of choices.

The uses can be kept constant while the designs can keep changing- be it a duck shaped or a strawberry shaped teapot, its use remains the same. Two customers may just want a teapot, however, what they select will entirely depend on what like, in terms of design and form. Someone with a quirky taste may want to buy the duck shaped teapot while some customer may pick up the strawberry one to go with his or her pink crockery set.       

The consumer experience is heightened with delicate intricacies in the ceramic art and hence, the visual look and appeal becomes equally important and sometimes, more important than the use of the product.

Ceramic art on ceramic utilities makes shopping for ceramic products all the more engaging and exciting. With so many options, customers are willing to spend the money and the time on selecting the perfect ceramic products for their homes. Little yet vibrant ceramic drawers, ceramic pots, ceramic vases, ceramic figurines, ceramic crockery and even ceramic photo frames- all such utility products today are such quick selling products because of the irresistibly beautiful forms they are available in.

Many ceramic products producing companies have started adapting to this new phenomena in the face of fierce competition, where products are becoming increasingly stylish and out of the box.

Shawn Sprangler, a famous potter who makes ceramic products was quoted saying, “Producing pottery is a kind of play; a regenerative act ripe with reverence, revealing the human hands enduring connection to creativity.” Though it’s use is the essence of any utility product, creativity is the soul. Without it, the world would be a dull place to live in!


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