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Don’t Just Avoid COVID-19…Beat It!

Don’t Just Avoid COVID-19…Beat It!

Can Coronavirus Dwell on Clothing?

The period for which Coronavirus can survive on all specific surfaces is still a topic of extensive research. However, most researchers have shared their opinion over the likelihood of the virus dwelling for much longer over any hard surface.

Despite being very speculative, it seems much safer for you to wear patent leather of other smooth surfaces. The estimated life span of the virus may extend from a few hours to a few days as per the records shared by World Health Organization.

How to Wash Clothes during the Lockdown

A lot information concerning coronavirus is hitting the web, but much of it seems confusing to commuters. You must be wondering if the coronavirus can survive a warm laundry wash or if it would die when the temperature is raised to a specific limit. Experts have already shown their support towards using hot water while washing things. However, you must also consider using some disinfectant for sanitizing your dryer and washer.

The major Indian cities have witnessed the use of in-unit dryer and washer. It is very important for you to take some precaution even while moving inside the laundry room of your building. Sanitizing most of the shared spaces is equally important to wearing gloves. You may even choose to apply high temperature for a long duration for drying your clothes.

How to Play Safe While Shopping?

The industry-wide news that is making the rounds of late sets you free to shop at your own free will. Chances are pretty low that the infection may spread over a package and that the virus will survive through the different stages of the shipping process.

The main risk that you experience while shopping is spread by those that come in contact with you and not any product. Curbing the risk proves effective when you avoid direct contact with strangers. The regular changes in directives are bound to influence our shopping behaviors.

Can Coronavirus Be Transmitted By Packages?

According to the official government sources, a very low estimation is projected about infection risk borne by a package even when it is used by an infected person. The manufacturing date gets passed by a few days by the time the products hit the store shelves.

Even when the environment is appropriate for the virus to survive, it would be a few weeks since the manufacturing date of the product, thus causing its death by the time the product reaches its buyer. Even when you place an order and receive your package on the following day, the virus would die sitting in the warehouse for long. Retailers are trying to cope with the coronavirus on a daily basis, although they are experiencing a critical situation handling a rush of essential orders. The online retailers need to follow a certain protocol for delivering essential items to those that demand water, food items, disinfectants, and soaps among a host of other things.

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  1. There sure are a lot of different stories flying around about what works and what doesn’t, aren’t there? It’s definitely got the public confused. I make sure I have my antibacterial wipes with me (occasionally the stores run out) and my mask (in case I run into people who have no idea that there are boundaries) when I go to the store. They say that the pleated masks aren’t very effective but I think if everybody is wearing them (particularly those who have symptoms), it’s going to cut down a lot of what passes through the air. I’ve also watched people with gloves touch everything and then wear them out to their vehicles and touch the bags and touch their car doors and get into the vehicle before taking them off. Before you touch your bags or open your vehicle, you should be removing the gloves and disposing of them. I just hope this virus runs its course soon and we can go back to normal before all of the little businesses fail.


    1. Lockdown has started here from 23rd March, we will definitely go back to our normal life dear. Stay at home and stay safe. Maintain social distancing.
      Take care.

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