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Educate yourself on what to do and what not to do post a C-Section

Educate yourself on what to do and what not to do post a C-Section

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the US, nearly 32% women give birth through the caesarean section. So, if you’ve been thinking that you’re the only one who couldn’t bring your baby to this world through the natural birth canal, you’re wrong. C-Section is often accompanied by soreness, pain and bleeding. It takes longer time to recover in case of a C-section as compared to vaginal birth. However, there are always ways in which you can regain your lost strength and take control over your body.

If you’re someone who has recently undergone a C-section to bring your little baby into this world, here are few tips and advices for you.

Physical exercises post C-Section

Apart from having a baby, the biggest change is to bring about a tweak in your physical activities until you’ve healed. Here are few dos and don’ts.


  • Invest time in bonding with your baby
  • Rest as soon as you feel tired
  • Walk slowly everyday as walking will prevent constipation and blood clot
  • When you cough or laugh, hold a pillow over the incision spot
  • Take shower normally


  • Pick up anything that is heavier than your bundle of joy
  • Use tampons unless your doctor prescribes you
  • Take part in any rigorous activity where you engage your core muscles
  • Have sex unless your doctor says you can
  • Take the stairs too often
  • Immerse yourself in hot tubs or public pools

Your Diet post C-Section

It is vital to take proper care of your body post surgery so that you get the adequate nutrition level.


  • Drink enough fluids and water
  • Eat a properly balanced diet that is also healthy
  • Take a daily fiber supplement to avert chances of constipation


  • Follow anything like a crash diet unless you have spoken with your doctor about its pros and cons on your body

Taking care of the surgery spot

Once you deliver your baby through the C-Section, your gynecologist will teach you how to take care of that delicate spot. Here are things to keep in mind.


  • Maintain a dry and clean area
  • Use soapy warm water to wash the surgery area lightly
  • Pat lightly to dry the area so that the place is dry
  • Let the tape strips fall off on their own if your doctor used them


  • Use cleansing agents thinking that they will heal the would faster

So, as we see, taking care of your own body post a C-Section is as important as taking care of the little baby. Make yourself go easy with the process, especially if it is your first baby. Take rest whenever you need it and get in touch with the doctor if you go through any health hassles post the surgery.

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