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Fashion wonders from the biggest surprise wedding of our beloved “VIRUSHKA”

Fashion wonders from the biggest surprise wedding of our beloved “VIRUSHKA”

The entire wardrobe for our Bollywood diva Anushka and Indian cricketing hero Virat was designed by SABYASACHI MUKHERJEE. Everything was designed to match the lovely and whimsical Tuscan landscape and the outfits were all custom made for the couple. The jewelry came from Sabyasachi’s Heritage collection and even the footwear was designed especially for the occasion. Following is what Anushka wanted for her wedding:


For the mehndi, she had seen something from our campaign Big Love, where we had done striped blouses with floral lehngas. Here we did floral blouse with a striped lehenga, we reversed the look for her. She wanted to wear something that was very simple and sporty and young. Her only demand was that she wanted to wear very bright pink, so we did a pink and orange lehnga for her.


Anushka was getting married in Tuscany, so she wanted to be in sync with what the natural surroundings of Tuscany would be. In Tuscany, you would be outstanding you were wearing a red lehenga, especially when there is no sun. Anushka is a very understated girl. She didn’t want the lehnga to be much heavy. She wanted to be able to float around in the lehenga. She wanted her lehnga without too much of bling.

Allia Al Rufai was styling her look. So Allia, Anushka and all decided that we would go for a pale pink. And there would be European flowers on it with little birds, little old French, and Italian Riviera florals. The jewelry was made of uncut diamonds and it was strung together with tourmaline beads and with pale pink spinel.


For her Delhi reception, Anushka wanted to wear sindoor. So a red Benarasi was designed for her. What I liked about her was, it was not an inaccessible place. A lot of people want to go for things which are exclusive but Anushka was very inclusive. Sabyasachi gave her something very traditional and something that a lot of girls can go into the sari shops and buy for themselves. She wanted to wear sindoor, which was the point from where the whole look started. And then we decided she would wear mogras, in her hair, she would wear a red bindi. She would to wear jootis and wear bangles on her hand. Her look was sorted in exactly five minutes. It is not something unusual, it is something you have seen over and over again and that is what is magical for me. That you have the option of choosing so many things, yet you choose something that is closest to your home. For Anushka’s Delhi reception outfit, a lot of people said ‘Iss mein designer kya hai?’ But the comments made me smile because that is exactly what we wanted to do, we wanted her to be accessible, we did not want her to sit in an ivory tower.


For her Mumbai reception, she wanted to be glamorous, but again she wanted to be understated. She wanted it to be elegant and quiet. So there was a lot of bling in it, but because the colour was almost like a mouse brown, almost like a vintage grey, it looked muted. And she wore solitaires with the diamond necklace; she didn’t go all out and wear too much jewelry. She had open hair and she looked young and fresh. And I liked the fact that she held her own while many guests at her reception want over the top. I think when you decide to be yourself for your own wedding, that’s a sign of modernity and class.

Right now Anushka is the dream bride for many Indian girls. Anushka’s bridal look became very big because it was a perfect combination of cricket, Bollywood and a very established bridal brand. The brand has an iconic following. Probably it just makes existing customers happier to see what we have done with Anushka’s looks.  

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