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Fashionable Winterwear for Men

Fashionable Winterwear for Men

“Winter is coming,” said the famous Ned Stark from Game of Thrones. Did you all notice his nice, thick and warm looking wolf fur coat and also those leather booths and a half-jacket? That’s a really awesome attire for winters. But, we don’t live in the snowy mountains and surely none of the above stuff would be available at stores near us. So what will the men wear in this upcoming winter? The answer to this is right here.

  1. Leather Jacket:- A good old leather jacket is a must for every man’s wardrobe. These are available in various designs, thus, always choose a subtle one ’cause you don’t wanna look like a cowboy now do you? A pitch black leather jacket or a dark brown one can go upon any jeans. Nowadays, these are worn upon a simple plain t-shirt and a funky designer track pants. Before buying, make sure that the leather is of good quality. These jackets need to be maintained carefully or else the material starts to degrade and gets torn by itself.

  1. Cotton Jacket:- Cotton jackets have always been in fashion trends. Tom Cruise wore one of these in the fourth installment of mission impossible and Hrithik Roshan donned one in the movie bang bang. These are much lighter in weight, can easily be carried anywhere, easy to maintain and are equally warm too. Buy a nice olive colored one. This color can go with any jeans or chinos etc. But, select the color according to your complexion. Some types of cotton jackets are designed for formal wear too.

  1. Sweatshirts:- These are a more comfy and casual option for winter. Nowadays these are available in solid colors with some cool prints on them. Sweatshirts are the most comfortable ones and you can wear them anywhere, at any time. A good quality sweatshirt is not of very thick material but feels soft and warm from inside. For some of you “cool boys” who dislike mom made woolen sweaters, then these can fulfill your needs.

  1. Hoodies:- There’s nothing like a classic hoody. These are nice wool jackets with attached hoods behind the neck. For all the gym-goers and runners, this is perfect for you as it will protect your ragingly warm body from cold air. This casual wear is the most famous amongst youth.

Also, the type of your physique can greatly affect how the clothing fits your body. For example, if you are a little plump then a cotton jacket or a leather one will suit you well whereas a sweatshirt will enhance the plumpness. Also, try and buy a jacket which has shoulder straps. They create an illusion of you being the broad-shouldered man and definitely most women dig broad shoulders (wink). For lean or thin physiques, the hoody jackets and sweatshirts are the best.

By following these tips, you will surely make things a lot hotter for many people during this winter and remember, fashion is something that comes from within you. Happy winters!

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