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Few easy ways to style your winter

Few easy ways to style your winter

Since childhood, we have always known that there are five seasons. The seasons are summer, monsoon, autumn, spring and winter. When we think of winter season, the very first thoughts that come in our minds are warm snuggles of the blankets, the ever-stylish dressing with the woolen garments, big mug of hot chocolate, picnics and traveling to far away destination while taking the game of badminton and other outdoor activities to a different level of fun and finally taking that first sip of morning tea with your kin sitting under the sun. How can we also forget the celebration of Christmas with the Christmassy feeling and indulging in foods like puddings, pastries and cakes and with the best people around, ushering the next year? It is, I believe, from childhood till this date of adulthood, winters have and will always create a box full of memories for all of us.

Now in this context of winter season when we talk of winter fashion or winter styling, it will not be incorrect to say that when the long coats, pullovers and cardigans are taken out from the cabinet, it feels as if they are just rushing at us to embrace us in their “warm woolen hugs” but keeping us in style. So it’s like the best of both worlds. We are getting the required warmth and care, as well as getting head-turners appreciating our winter style. The fetishes for shoes aggravate to a different level. We finally get to augment our style while donning the over the knee boots, the high heel ankle boots, the high heel desert, flat ankle boots and Chelsea boots that we have craved to wear for so long. And once done, all these do not remain a fantasy anymore and we are able to carry them out in the streets with panache.  

Varieties of winter clothes

  • Long jackets or overcoats

Overcoats or long jackets are usually an outer garment that stretches below the knee and provides us with warmth.


If we date back to history, it is seen that overcoats were generally worn as a formal attire to express a social status. It was from the 17th century that overcoats became a highly stylish winter garment.

How to style it?

Styling anything with overcoats hardly go wrong, as, if you chose a regular sized top or turtleneck and tuck it into your jeans, pairing it up with ankle boots, the combination is rather smart.

  • Leather jackets

Wearing leather made garments and especially leather jackets, since the talk is about winter season, are still “in” fashion.


Leather jackets are made of tanned hides of animals and are dyed black. They were known as “Bomber jackets” during the time of Second World War as they were highly insulated and provided warmth to the people who were exposed to the extreme, harsh climates.

How to style it?

With a pair of straight cut jeans or blue jeans and with a loosely fitted top, you can always put on a leather jacket.

If you are wearing a leather jacket which is on the brownish side then faded blue denim will always be a spot on. However, a black trouser or checkered pants are also not a bad option.

  • Cardigans

A tightly knitted winter garment with or without buttons, in front, fits in just stylishly it should. It is a must have for your winter wardrobes when you are trying to stay in suave while maintaining a classy look.

Zipper Cardigan

Front buttoned Cardigan


The term cardigan came from the British Army Major General, James Brudenell who was the 7th Earl of Cardigan. Legend has it, that it is after him that the garment gained so much of popularity.

How to style it?

You can always upgrade your fashion of winter clothing by wearing a cardigan with a pair of khaki pants or slim jeans and a cool pair of shoes.

  • Scarfs or Scarves

Common neckwear during winter, scarf, plural scarves, are worn to protect oneself from the winter cold and sometimes just for fashion. There are several types that are available around us ranging from woolen to silk scarves, Shiloh, animal prints and various others.

How to style it?

Adding a dash to your style, scarf will always give you a modish look as well as will provide you with the right amount of warmth that you are searching for.

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  1. How fun this was to get a history lesson along with your styling of some great winter looks! I am in love with that blue leather jacket you’re wearing! Apparently that shade of blue (or something close to it) is the 2020 color of the year. in the picture with the white knits and the green scarf, it looks like you’ve draped the scarf over your head before putting on your cap – I love that look! Thanks for sharing the interesting background of these garments!


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