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Glamorous Watches this Puja for Men

Glamorous Watches this Puja for Men

The biggest celebration of Bong’s Durga Puja is all set to knock at our doors. When so much is talked about what dress to wear or which shoe will suit, let’s not forget the most favorable accessory of all time in this six days fashion feast. Wrist watches can make up for everything you need in accessories. Let’s give a small tour of the choicest styles of wrist watches picked up in this Puja season especially for you.


If you are all set for a classic quest this time, what can be a better choice? Too much gold is too much old. Go for a thick stunning silver lining on the both side of a gold band in the middle, thus maintaining the perfect equilibrium of both the worlds with a super happening thick black dial to compliment the complete creation. And yes, do not forget to cherish the beauty of the detailing in it.

Ordinary is too boring. Unique is beauty. The leather belts can never go out of vogue. And this wrist watch with a perfectly light toned and patchy belt is all you need with your calm and composed look. The best apart of the watch is yet to come. Yes, the dial the draws a possibility that people might hardly take their eyes off it detaining chance to look at the rest. This unique dial framed in the architect of a speedometer and its finely detailed white background is all you need. The finishing gold border around the dial makes it even more sober and charming.

Love happens only ones in a lifetime and no one can object the fact that it is the colour black that steals our heart each time. This jet black wrist watch is all meant to quench the thirst of your heart. Obviously, this is enough to praise the handsome look of this wrist watch but still one more feature of this watch that hypnotize our eyes is the final frosting of the translucent golden tint over the crude black metallic belt. This wrist watch wears to go with all sorts and shades of attires. All of its features together aptly personify the word perfect.

What about some fun experiments? Isn’t style all about welcoming new ideas in a warm and comfort attitude? If you utterly believe in this point, none can be better but this wrist watch. This browned shade belt with pierced up designs on it captures the classic elegance in the funkiest and cool way possible. So is the case with the dial with back in base and light gold glazing out the highlights of the borders and the emerging pattern in their unusually mesmerizing glow.

Okay, when it comes to super style definitions are just formality. Just look at it, can any word do justice to this stunning wrist watch? The dial with a dark grey metallic shade patterning a globe image above it. The details are just so perfect yet charming. This wrist watch is suited to match your Ashtami morning’s dhoti-kurta and even the evening hopping on Shashti with the most simple and casual look possible. Oh, then comes the reddish-brown leather belt tarnished with the glaze to lighten up the eyes of the beholder.


This Puja season why not get in touch with the sportive and tough side of yours that equally stands for the soft and feminine qualities inside and outside. Yes, this cool and funky wrist watch is all we long for. When it comes to our casual, cool and calm look, this is the perfect choice to pick up.The seductive dial the tuff black belt can define your personality better than any other accessories.

Speedmaster / 201 NASA strap

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