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Glamorous Watches this Puja for Women

Glamorous Watches this Puja for Women

The Durga Puja is almost here and we are still left so much confused amidst the chaos of what to wear and what not to. If fashion and glamour are applied on from dresses and saris to shoes to jewellery and even hair styles and hair colour then why holding back from the choosing the best in vogue wrist watches this time. Since you had already been into so much hectic selection of stuff, let’s make this one easy for you by short listing six of them below.


  1. This gorgeous Dior watch is all we want on our list. The simple and sweet pink belts complimenting the plain white dial with a stroke of twist in it. Yes, these suspended beads caged inside the dial are the centre force of attraction. They might not only satisfy your vogue appetite but also seem to be playful and fun. These are trending like forest fire into everything from earring to necklaces then why not a wrist watch. Just go for the pretty and perfect wrist watch this time for a change without a hint of regret.

2. The next on the list is this eye catchy wrist band watch. Oh, there had been so many bands watches for a months now flooding here and there but only of some specific types and forms. Get rid of all those boring monotonous pieces with this black dotted grey belt embraced with these glittering stone. The elegant dial is aptly maintaining an equilibrium with the wow wild belt. Well, did you notice the heart below highlighting the whole watch? It is so much suited for that stunning western attire of yours.

3. That cool casual look is so captivating and comfortable. And what can pair up with it better than this stylish yet simple wrist watch? The central white dial definitely needs no word to explain its handsome hue. Well, coming to the belt, the thick leather belt is all we actually want and the best part is its exquisite design, the way the stripes are symmetrically arranged to provide an enchanted finishing. Why should boys have all the light and effortless look when we can select one too?


4. When it comes to authentic metallic belts we are surely crazy about them. The Roman written white dial is undoubtedly raising the charm level of the complete watch way to high. Well, these plane gold and silver shades are just so out dated now. Go for the new and angelic rose gold this new season. Don’t worry, wear it with anything with your eyes closed and the show is yours.


5. Then there are things that no matter what never go out of fashion. One such example is right before you. The simple and sleek brown belt with the alluring white dial will surely determine who the boss is. Isn’t it so that this classic leather wrist watch is capable of blending with everything and anything you choose to wear? Isn’t it so that the frame of this wrist watch is so much inherited from your mother’s comely college-life’s collection? Undoubtedly, it is.

6. Oh! It’s so challenging to handle ethnic attire especially with all that heavy jewellery and accessories. This Puja go light. Here comes the most elegant and dazzling wrist watch to cure all worries, not only this but add put to tones off beauty with it. These shimmering and charismatic petal belts are ultimate goals. The lovely white dial is so well stitched with double golden rings with these diamonds like perfectly cut and glittering stones making the look even way more royal and righteous especially in the night light during the pandals hopping.

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