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Go on, Watch Movies to Live Your Dream Wedding!

Go on, Watch Movies to Live Your Dream Wedding!

Marriages are considered to be so pious in Hindu religion, it is often said that somebody is sent for each one of us no matter which part of the world they belong to. There is something into the law of nature that makes the marriages happen for people across the seven seas, somehow somewhere things are pre -decided by the destiny. Some meet their matches at very early age resulting in relationships which are further converted into the “love marriages” others take time thus giving it the name of “Arranged Marriages”.

Our Indian cinema plays a very vital role in one’s life be it regarding this auspicious occasion, people get so fascinated after watching certain movies that they end up building plans for their marriages accordingly. And not only weddings movies help you in all your moods frustrated, irritated, sad, lost and what not, trust me only these moving pictures for the next 3-hour duration can change your mind and make you feel lighter. No doubt watching movies has been one of my favorite time passes and why shouldn’t I prefer watching them? After all they are my all-time stress remover, and not only this I get to learn so many things from these 3-hour motion pictures. Cunningness, ways to spy, knowledge on latest technologies, and why to forget I get to see those places where I cannot travel (at least in this lifetime!) during these 3 hours. They also leave me inspired and updated for quite a long time, and those freaky dialogues. Ghosh! How would I ever sound so cool in front of my friends had I never watched any movie till date? So there is no point of blaming anyone if they possess this habit of watching movies.

I wonder how had I received those compliments in my cousin’s wedding over my dress and how would I ever flaunt my hairs so much that evening had I not spent hours on watching those proper wedding movies! Got to hear so much of good words from people! Oh! Thank you dear Indian wedding movies for making me look so out of the box!

That feeling of contentment that you receive during those hours is probably the best and most soothing hours of your life. When you almost forget all the hardships of your life and are centered only to that LCD for hours, when the same thing revolves around your mind for more extended hours even after “THE END”, it is okay to stay entertained. It is okay to bring your mind to some ease at least for a while. It is okay to relax and feel good for some time. After all, they are nothing but a mere reflection of our society we live in.

Those marriages they show on the screens, be it a Bengali wedding, a Tamil or a north Indian wedding. They all are shown with such sense of seriousness, following all the rituals of that region. One gets to acknowledge the entire tradition of that religion, which is, of course, such a good thing. You become knowledgeable; you are capable enough to have a conversation with people. No worries if you have never been to Abu Dhabi but Yes! You remember it when you watched the scene in that particular movie and you are very much confident for now you can describe the place to your best!


However, if you wish to look classy, wear the best ever outfit and most importantly wish to get that stunning look then you must watch out these wedding movies for sure, watch out the Hindi dubbed versions of south Indian, Bengali movies as well if you belong to northern India. This Bengali matrimony briefs you so much with their tradition and every little ritual so the next time if it is your Bengali bae’s wedding you won’t ever say a “no!”

However, there are certain block buster movies that will leave you stunned by their concepts, few of them are:

  • Saat Paake Bandha:

A super hit movie of its time, released in the year 2009 and was directed by Sujit Mondal. The film starred Jeet and Koyel Mullick, Its storyline goes on as “a man agrees to an arranged marriage, but with an unusual qualification”. Let the left part be a secret so do not forget to watch it for yourself. The ups and downs suffered by the characters are remarkably superb.


  • Parbona Ami Chartey Tokey:

The title of the movie means “I cannot leave you”. The film illustrates love story and family drama. The whole film is narrated by Shibu (Bonny Sengupta) who is running back to confess his love to Apu (Koushani Mukherjee). Bonny and Koushani quarrel since their childhood which starts from the time of the latter’s birth itself. Koushani is the daughter of Kharaj Mukherjee, the friend of Bonny’s father. Kharaj Mukherjee, his family, and his parents live in a mansion while Bonny and his widowed mother live in a small house exactly beside the mansion in a modernized yet naturally scenic village.


  • Rebel:

A movie that deals with the proper norms of a family and showcases the south Indian wedding in its purest form is none other than Rebel. It is a 2012 Telugu actionromance film written and directed by Raghava Lawrence. The film stars PrabhasTamannaahDeeksha Seth and Krishnam Raju and was produced by J. Bhaghawan and J. Pulla Rao under the Sri Balaji Cine Media banner.


  • Baahubali 2-The Conclusion:

A much awaited and blockbuster movie yet so far. The term “Baahubali” means the one with strong arms. The movie deals with respecting women in every form be it a mother or a wife the movie portrays the south Indian matrimony in its best way possible. The film was produced by Tollywood studio Arka Media Works. It was originally made in Telugu and Tamil and dubbed into so many languages then after.


  • Vivah:

All-time favorite movie and surely loved by everyone. When Bollywood was picking up its pace, this one came with some old-school romance. All we remember is Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao’s “whispering” onscreen courtship. Who could ever miss watching these cute couples and their hardships!

·         Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge:

A bride-to-be sets out on a trip to Europe with friends before tying the knot. Enters our hero who woos her and she ends up going against her family to fight for her love. And all this drama while a big fat Punjabi matrimony celebration is underway. Needless to say, “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Gaye” along with our hearts!

These are few among the so many in the list, so go on and explore a lot more. People often plan up destination weddings! Where does the idea come from? Certain designers are so famous today. When it comes to design the lehengas, girls are crazy to wear the same outfit as the particular character wore in that movie. It is nothing but the impact of these movies and there is obviously no problem in it. Go on get yourself trendy, choose your perfect match and stay blessed!


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