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Gym Wear – Look Cool and Comfortable!

Gym Wear – Look Cool and Comfortable!

It’s a well-known proverb-“You are what you wear?” Subscribe your personality into your clothes, doesn’t matter where you are, office or college, home or party, or even in the gym. Talking genuinely, obviously gym isn’t a place to flaunt vogue and definitely even if it is, still, that isn’t the primary aspect of going to gyms. But with a wide range of varieties in gym wears that are that are not only cheerful and lively but also comfortable and functional too. They just don’t come with the aim of providing support and comfort while working out but also with a touch of fashion and well a little bit of fashion has never done harm to anyone ever. Moreover, the gym is more social now, a place to attract and interact and just not a mere platform meant for sweating out.

Talking about women, the variations are endless to match the need of gym wear in accordance with each kind of workout you perform.

Regardless of what you wear outside, a special attention is needed while selecting supportive sports bra. They might hide underneath your funky and cool tops or you can just flaunt them otherwise if you wish so. Most importantly a pair of supportive sports bra marks the difference between tuff and solid workout, and distracting and painful one. There are so many styles of it out there, take your time to pick the most appropriate one for you and gear up for that healthy workout.

Talking of tops, sweatshirts, and tank tops rules forever. But the call for better fitting tops is increasing with a great pace. One advantage of tight tops over sloppy ones is that you can see your flaws clearly and feel motivated to work out; on the other hand, you can identify the change and tightening of muscles that won’t just impress you but will also to flaunt your gym mates. In case of yoga classes, tight-fitting clothes are especially suggested by the instructors the help in giving a better idea of your postures and forms.


Yes, cotton clothes are really comfortable but it also holds moisture longer than we want. If you are willing to sweat out during your gym hours, consider looking into technologically advanced fabrics. Go for clothes material that absorbs sweat and keeps you cool and dry at the same time during working out at the gym.

Choosing your bottom wears are equally important and crucially. One must opt for bottoms based on the particular type of exercise she’ll be doing in the gym. When it comes to types of bottom wears for women the collection almost seems endless at the stores to select from.

The taste personally varies drastically from one woman to another. Some women opt for elasticized biking-style shorts, while others favor the comfort and freedom they find in yoga pants.

You may include shorts for cycling classes, leggings or cropped leggings for yoga and stretches. They come in a wide variety of cool prints not just in colors but also in form of transparent clothes stitched in an order to make it look more attractive.

Stretch pants are the best options for Pilates and random general exercises. Look for branded and good quality bottoms that won’t stretch out and loosen after just few wearing and they must have an adjustable waistline for more convenient and personalized.

Keep your vans and converse out of the gym and only prefer wearing qualified athletic shoes with proper thick socks, the shorter one till ankle is better if on your list. Quality foot wears not only support your posture while moving but also nourish your ability to go further in your athletic goals.

Women are drastically raising their standards when it comes to wearing right kinds of clothing at gym then why should men remain behind.

Workout gear used to be all about utility with little care regarding its fitting. But that scenario is changing now. These days’ stores are flooding with athletic clothes that fit well. It’s more than just aesthetics- the better the fit, the more closely you can monitor your form.

While your instincts may be to wear as few clothes as possible in the gym in order to stay cool, but covering up actually provides you with great benefits during your workout will help keep your muscles, joints and ligaments warm, which further improves circulation of blood and reduces the possibilities of risk of strains, tears and other injuries. Moreover, extra sweating also helps in burning calories and reduces water weight. Hence, look for something made of moisture absorbing material.

What you choose to wear on your bottom, athletic pants or shorts should be efficient and of appropriate length. Both shorts and pants must be loose enough to allow full range of movement but should never be baggy or oversized. Similarly, even avoid wearing yoga pants, capris as well as cargo shorts.

Shorts must be as such that they are no longer than few inches below the knees. They must neither be too short.

If you settle on pants as your bottom attire for the gym, make sure they reach your ankles and not further that else it would be too clumsy and troublesome too while working out.

Elastic and flexible waistbands are highly recommended for making sure that everything remains in place while performing several sorts of exercises.

Athletic shoes are the only option that one must opt for, even though there is a wide variety of color, and models to choose from. Most importantly, no matter how stylish your shoe is, they should be supportive, well cushioned and preferably breathable. Never go for sandals or loafers…they are the last option one must opt for and if advisable then never.

Coming to socks go for any pair you love to with any color though white is more preferred. Well, they must be thick enough to support and provide comfort and should also be long-lasting.

Lastly, hygiene and obeying gym etiquettes in case of dressing up must they the foremost objective before entering into the gym.


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