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How Mom Blogging Inspired the Heck Out of Me with Swarnaz

How Mom Blogging Inspired the Heck Out of Me with Swarnaz

It was much before I launched Swarnaz, I felt an inner voice urging me to try and create my blog. I had started a food blog in 2010, which didn’t go off well in terms of visitors. I had just begun unraveling my cooking hobbies off the shelf and enjoyed documenting my passion for cooking.

It wasn’t until 2012 that I felt the need to opt for a diversion, especially when I was at the professional crossroads. My husband and I had moved into our new apartment barely a few months back. I gave birth to our little princess “Mukut” in between,

and I wasn’t working. However, both of us had to make a few significant decisions. One beautiful morning, I got a call from my previous employer about resuming my duties in the capacity of a Sr. HR executive.

I was taken aback as I felt torn between my role of a newfound mom and that of a professional counselor. I describe that phase in the light of a major crossroad of my life as I still feel that lonesome moment while standing afar from my sense of possessing an identity that’s so closely associated with my career.

Being a mom seems like an overwhelming experience for any woman of integrity. It showed my emotions through several outlets, but deeper within my conscience I was still stuck somewhere. The real sense of being a creative woman seemed lost although I was in love with my new role. Cooking dinner and striving to keep my baby healthy were amongst my priorities at that time. There seemed to be no more significant accomplishments for me at that time! But I longed to keep the flame of pouring out my inner content alive.

My husband was attending a full-time business, engaged in a very challenging project that demanded most of the days and nights researching and interacting with clients. It gives you an indication of how I followed solo life. I wasn’t able to identify myself with my past anymore and didn’t gain any external support except a few loved ones that stayed thousands of miles away. Even to this day, I feel blessed for getting the much-needed assistance from My husband then. He helped me built Swarnaz right from scratch.

I had witnessed a steep learning curve during the initial year. I wasn’t aware much about blogging, but I was inspired by a few eminent fashion and lifestyle bloggers to turn Swarnaz into a PAN India platform right from day one.

It’s been a fantastic journey for me as a rookie blogger, telling my friends about my expectations on being a full-time blogger.

During the first year, I was thrilled to post for about thrice every week. Earlier I thought it was okay to contribute by about a couple of hours every week, but my perception kept on changing with time. Usually, it’s quite challenging to find time out of your busy schedule and continue posting in your blog. However, in spite of having the little one at home, I learned how to strategize by blogging opportunities.

How did I simplify it? I remember working till late after feeding my baby, waking up early, and multi-tasking throughout the day. Quite often my life seemed to be going on a whirlpool as I created, and edited posts besides re-sizing my snapshots.

Blogging is a bigger concept than that of working out or cooking a recipe. It involves a lot about social media scheduling, creating and promoting content, editing, responding to comments, and incorporating images. You’ll always come across an area of opportunity. But in doing so, I started discovering a part of “me” that I lost a few years back. It seemed like an extraordinary accomplishment apart from being a new mommy.

Now that my daughter has turned five years of age, she’s taking a keen interest in taking snaps for Swarnaz. I may have gone a bit deeper on my blogging story, but it’s always a thing that seemed profound to me alongside being a proud mom. It’s more about uncovering the hidden passion through intense effort and self-belief.

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  1. I think it’s a wonderful decision to stay home with your child when you can, and a blog is a great way to keep a foot in the grownup world and keep your creative juices flowing. It’s essential to have a supportive spouse since blogging does take up a lot of free time and if the spouse doesn’t understand, it just looks like you’re doing a lot of “surfing” :/ You’re doing a wonderful job with this one and I’m glad your first attempt didn’t keep you from coming back and trying a new avenue. It also looks like you’re doing a wonderful job with your little one – she’s adorable, developing her own sense of style and it’s super that she’s taking an interest in your blog too.


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