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How should a new mom take care of herself soon after delivering a baby?

How should a new mom take care of herself soon after delivering a baby?

Are you a new mom who has recently delivered her little bundle of joy? If yes, it’s natural to freak out as soon as your newborn begins to wail. Now that you have just brought her home, it is usual for her to cry most of the time. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll freak out. You require having the nerves of a pro bomb squad member so that you don’t let that get to you.

Although it might feel stressful at the present moment, with little bit of experience, you’ll learn that your baby won’t die of crying! So, even if you don’t respond to her immediately, that won’t hurt her. Infants usually cry to communicate things and not always in pain or disappointment.

Don’t let the postpartum period become painful

The postpartum period starts off as soon as you deliver your baby and it ends when your body returns to its pre-pregnant stage. This time period usually spans for 6-8 weeks. The postpartum period will make you go through several changes, physically and emotionally. You eventually learn to deal with all sorts of changes that you have to adapt to after becoming a new mom. This is the time to rebuild your strength after a tiring labour and its after-effects.

Take enough rest

A new mom will soon learn that there’s no similarity between the time clocks of an adult and a baby. The newborn baby will wake up every 2-3 hours and she has to be fed, changed and again comforted. So, you can well understand that getting a solid 8 hours sleep is now a thing of past. Here’s how you can take more rest.

  • During the initial weeks, someone else has to fulfill all other household responsibilities part from feeding the baby and taking care of your healing body.
  • Try to adapt yourself to the habit of sleeping whenever the baby sleeps. These few minutes will gradually add up.
  • Avoid taking too many steps and hence make sure that the baby cot is nearby your bed.
  • Guests will keep visiting you during this new phase of life but you are not obligated to entertain them. Feel free to take a nap even if they are present.
  • Even if you can go out for 10 minutes everyday, that is even a boon. Speak to your doctor on whether you can start off with your post-partum exercises.

Get adequate nutrition

Now that you’re a new mom, you have to take care of your daily nutritional needs. Your plate should be divided into 5 categories – Grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and protein.

Foods made of oats, wheat, rice or barley should be taken. Choose from the dark green veggies and any kind of fruits. Focus on fat-free milk products that are high in calcium and opt for low-fat lean meats. Have more peas, seeds, fish, nuts and beans.

Therefore, now that you have double responsibilities as a new mom, ensure taking proper care of yourself so that you can remain a healthy mom for your baby.

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