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Interview with Cris

Interview with Cris

Interview with Cris @http://photosbycris.blogspot.com

Are you more passionate about traveling than photography? Or is it the other way round?

I am passionate about both traveling and photography. They complement one another. I also incorporated my love for fashion to both passions.

Would you like to suggest a few global tourist hotspots to our audience?

There are so many amazing countries and locations in the world. However, to me Europe is a very special continent where many countries are so close to one another yet presenting a diversity of cultures, languages, foods and so much more. Saying that, the USA have amazing landscapes that are extreme diverse and it is all in one country. From deserts to stunning national parks all within one culture and one language. Asia is also so interesting, going from cultures that are similar such as Laos and Thailand opening to very different countries such as Japan and Singapore.

Every place is different. How do you educate yourself about taking better pictures?

Before visiting a country I always read about the location, the culture, the people and try to understand some of the language as well. It is very important to educate yourself before visiting a place. Knowing where to go before getting there helps time management and helps a photographer to prepare for the location. It is important to know at least a little about climate, what to expect and best spots to photograph. It is not going to be 100% accurate but it will help a lot.

Do you indulge in group activities while you’re on tour?

I do both while photographing I like to do it all on my own, as I like to explore and concentrate on what I am doing. I find group activities interesting as well especially if I am photographing for a particular activity such as tours.

How do you pick locations, hotels, and brands that you blog on?

I am always looking for different locations. Places I have never been are fascinating to me, I immerse myself fully into what I am doing while photographing and exploring. Hotels I choose according to my audience as well as my own taste. If I like a hotel I will approach them and ask if they would like to collaborate, and if a hotel approaches me to collaborate I look into it, read all about it, check facilities and rooms online if not possible to visit it in person, before I accept a collaboration. With brands are similar. I must follow my style, if I identify with a brand I will work with it. I only work with brands I love and know my audience will love it too.

What’s that particular thing that helps you relate to photo-blogging?

Blog and photography are correlated. The visual is important to support the written work. We live in a visual world. Everything is based on images, many times we assume things just by looking at an image first and then we continue to reading what that image is offering. It seems that we are having less and less time so an image gives us an idea of what the written content will be like. So images are very important in my point of view in the blogging world and in our current modern lives.

What are the specific challenges that you experience as a photographer while visiting new places?

The main challenge is that if the place is new it is unfamiliar. It takes longer to find perfect areas in the location for shooting. It also can present challenges such as weather and area, it can be windy, rocky, etc… The gear can be difficult to carry if a location involves climbing and so on. So reading all about the area helps but it is not always accurate. The more you know the location the more prepared a photographer is. It is better if you can visit the area of shooting before going there ready to photograph, however it is not always possible due to time management, but the unknown fascinates me and I will never stop exploring new locations.

Does your workflow demand the use of special tools?

Yes. Photography equipment can be heavy and uncomfortable to carry around I totally advise to have a good camera bag where a photographer can fit more than one camera and lenses and also has a spot for the tripod. On top of it I am always carrying clothes and accessories to shoot. Most of my photography is done in natural light, outdoors as lifestyle shots.

Have you been inspired by any professional photographer or blogger?

Yes by many bloggers and photographers. I am always reading about different professionals, learning and getting inspired by them. I never stop learning and it is so important to me as it helps me in my always growing professional curve learning.

Do you think it’s good to monetize your blog?

Absolutely. It is important to understand that a blogger works really hard. Writing, photographing, doing the marketing and giving exposure to brands are some of the many tasks of a blogger. There is a lot of time and effort put into a blog post. I hope that bloggers never work for free because creating content comes with dedication and love. Hours are spent on every detail, the creative process also comes with much thinking and preparation before we release an article or a photograph.

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  1. Great interview Swarna. You asked interesting and well though answers and I liked Cris’ answers. She is right that blogging isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work.

  2. Beautiful interview. You have done a great job Swarna, and I totally agree with you. Cris is a lovely lady, talented photographer and a dear friend of mine. I am very found of her and her artwork. Keep inspiring us Swarna. -Dominique

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