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Interview with Candice Sandler @ https://www.natalyaamour.com

1) How would you describe your blogging style?

I’m honestly not quite sure, if I really had to describe my blog it would be an every day South African women sharing her obsessions with beauty and life experiences. My blog features mainly lifestyle and beauty content.  I also don’t limit myself and share whatever I want to share with my readers.

2) Can you point out a few of the strength areas that help you in lifestyle blogging?          

All my posts are basically my own experiences. I always wanted my blog to be as real as possible for women to relate to.                                                                                                         

3) Has anyone impacted you in beauty and lifestyle blogging?      

There are so many amazing bloggers out there I really admire Chereen from For The Beauty Of It and Lechelle from Taylor Made. They are real and relatable.

4) Has networking enhanced your blog traffic?

Oh yes, networking with others has definitely put my brand out there and there are many supportive blogger groups that has helped me.

5) What do you think is the best service a blogger can reach out with?

Being able to do what you love and share awareness I think is the best things I can experiences as a blogger. Basically creating a community where ladies are free to share their experiences whether it’s about a specific product I talk about or a place I visited. That sense of community is amazing.

6) What would be an ideal working environment for you?

Honestly, just being at home in my pj’s testing products! But, for taking amazing photos Australia would be an amazing experience all cafes are so Instagrammable…

7) Do you follow a specific time-management strategy to run your blog efficiently?

Oh yes, I love being organized when it comes to blogs and prefer my posts to go out on certain dates and times – This works best for me as I do have a full time demanding job as it is…  usually write up and schedule my content in advance and also make sure of Instagram scheduling apps to schedule my Instagram photos that coincides with my blog posts.

It’s all about what works best for you. I have found a good routine that I enjoy.

8) Does any blogging strategy make a difference in gaining more traffic to your blog?       

The more you put yourself out there the more return you get I would say. I’ve been blogging for more then 5 years now and found that engaging with other bloggings and accounts as the best way to create awareness and gain traffic.                                                                                                                           

9) What do you think is the most challenging moment of your blogging journey so far?

The blogging industry can be really competitive and also brands don’t really take bloggers seriously when it comes to paying for time and work put it. South Africa is slowing catching o, but no where near where it should be in terms of this. Blogging takes lots of time and effort, I think many people don’t understand the work involved. Also there has been so many cattiness amongst bloggers which is so sad to see.

10) Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and tell us why you like them?

I think I mentioned these in question 3 Chereen for the beauty of it and Lechelle from Taylor Made also Kerry from Kandidly Kerry is such an inspiration with herself love posts.

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