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Interview with Fashion blogger Christina Cenci

Interview with Fashion blogger Christina Cenci

Interview with Christina Cenci @youthofthesun.com

1. It seems you’re very passionate about blogging. How did it all get started?

Thank you. It all began when I was a kid. My grandfather took photos and videos of everything I did growing up and documented everything. Once I turned thirteen I got my first camera for my birthday. I started bringing my camera everywhere with me to photograph everything. It was when I went to art school when I first heard about the connection between photos and documenting. I was hearing more about different styles of photographers and noticed some of them had a blog. I became more curious about blogging and I started attracting more blogs that I found fit my style and I was so interested with how others think and live. I knew it was something I would love to share and do everyday myself. I started reading, researching, and realized I can create my own blog. I realized it was a great outlet for me to share my thoughts and experiences that I was having. I enjoyed the feedback I was getting from people who were reading my blog and realized how much pleasure it brought to me and others.

2. How’s your blogging journey to date? Did you meet with challenges?

My blogging journey to date has been so rewarding. I have been able to work with different companies and brands which was a dream for so long. I have only been blogging for a few years. In the past years my blog has gone through so many different changes since the very beginning. It started as a collage of my favorite photos, along with many other transitions in between, to what it is now.

In my journey so far I have definitely had my fair share of challenges, some that almost made we want to give up. Each day might bring up a small challenge in any area of my life and when I am honest with myself on how to resolve them. Solutions help the process of progression flow so much easier. Then I realize that any challenge can be overcome and giving up is not an option. I learn from every challenge I receive.

3. Your blog has some great images in support. Are you passionate about photo – blogging?

Thank you so much. Yes I would say I am extremely passionate about photo-blogging. I am always reading or researching on different ways and techniques to get the perfect image. I feel that when I take a great photo the image speaks enough for itself on telling the story.

4. Did you ever get inspired by any contemporary lifestyle blogger?

Absolutely! I think the day I came across Amber Fillerup’s blog was the day I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Her content inspired me so much on traveling, hair tips, family life, kids, building their first home, and how she can take you on any journey with her through a photo and her writing is amazing.

5. Your blog seems to be a reflection of your lifestyle. Do you have a fetish for Italian delicacies?

Being part Italian has impacted how I grew up, eating my great grandmothers italian food every sunday, and every special family occasion. Our Italian family dinners will be memories that will always stay close to my heart.

6. Would you like to be described as a Western Asian or European?

I would say European mostly! My bloodline is Italian, French, & Isreali.

7. Have you been to any interesting tourist hotspot that you haven’t mentioned in your blog?

The most beautiful tourist hotspot I have seen is Haleakala National Park in Maui Hawaii. I woke up at sunrise to hike above the clouds at 10,023 feet. I really wish I took a lot more photos when I went but I was really enjoying the moment of being there and walking on the top of clouds. I am planning to go to Hawaii on Mother’s Day with my son and intend on sharing my experiences through his point of view.

8. Your blog seems to be a great way of relating to your audience. Did motherhood change your blogging perspectives?

Being a mother has changed my entire perspective of everything including blogging. My son is the center of my world and to be able to share him on my blog has opened up another window for me to connect with people on the topic of motherhood.

9. Blogging proves to be an excellent means of livelihood for some. Do you believe in monetizing lifestyle blogs?

Yes I believe in monetizing lifestyle blogs. Just like any other creative endeavor, you should be able to profit from your own artistic skills. I consider blogging to be a career that incorporates journalism, photography, life experiences, and fashion.

10. Do you have some blogging tips for the new fashion, lifestyle, and travel bloggers?

I would suggest organizing your thoughts to focus on one thing at a time. Research blogging by watching YouTube videos, reading books, and seeing what other bloggers inspire you. People know when you are being truthful so always be honest and speak from your heart. It is so amazing to me that each person can go to the same place and would have their own unique story and viewpoint on what they experienced.

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