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Interview with Film Photographer & Fashion Blogger

Interview with Film Photographer & Fashion Blogger

Interview with Caterina Petrucci @ https://35mminstyle.com/  

You seem to have gained a deep insight into photography. Did you acquire knowledge through your own experiences?

Absolutely. I started learning how to use a 35mm film camera from my own mistakes . Then after my beloved vlog camera (I started on Youtube), I decided it was time to get a proper digital camera.

From that moment on, I analyzed other bloggers work, I kept photographing and post-editing all the pictures with Photoshop. I am self-taught kind of girl!

Are you passionate about photo-blogging? When did you feel inclined towards it?

A lot! There are so many different aspects of photography and blogging photography is a massive one. I have a section on my blog dedicated to blog photography where the two main sub-categories are flatlay photography (used for beauty, lifestyle, skincare – also called still life photography in the professional photography world) and fashion photography.

What are your favorite tourist hotspots? Is there a particular tourist hotspot that you visit frequently?

I wish I could but I live in a small provincial town in Italy and my most used hotspots are countryside fields or abandoned locations. The old atmosphere has some magic for me.

To answer your question, London is the acronym for the greatest blogger locations. If I have to think of a tourist hotspot I would use Kensigton over and over again. 

Do you follow the current trends of film photography? Is there anything that you’d like to share with our audience?

Are there trends? No I don’t follow them. I follow every film photography hashtag possible but I only do what I like: see my portfolio where I do film soaking and double exposures.

I feel like experimenting with a slower media gives you a deeper experience. You reason a lot more when shooting like not to waste a picture and then you play.

Do you remember any funny or thrilling tour experience that caught you by surprise?

A few years ago there was this tv series called “Once Upon A Time” with all the faitytale characters who lost their memories and found themselves in a town in Maine called Storybrooke. Well, when I lived in the UK, I visited Portsmouth and omg! It was the same exact town!

Also when visiting NYC I couldn’t stop noticing all the Gossip Girl spots. Really.XD

“Venice is a mixture of Arabian and Gothic influences” – Would you be able to describe it in a few words for us?

Venice throughout history has been a harbors for different cultures: the Arabs and the nordic populations. So when you wander around the city you see how the architecture has been influenced by both. I took a lot of photographs of the buildings and the calle (those narrow streets in Venetian).

Do you follow any photo-blogger for gaining inspiration?

There are not so many. Usually photographers don’t have a blog and bloggers do photography on their own with products but ask for help when they need to be photographed. Especially in fashion photography is so hard to find someone who does blog and photograph at the same time.

You’ve mentioned that hobbies like painting and singing help you rejuvenate. Have you ever considered taking them up professionally?

Ahahah I said they help me with my mental health. Painting is very useful when I need to channel all those negative feelings out and to free my mind. Singing works on the positive side. I sing because I am happy and I feel strong.

No, there is absolutely no way I would take them professionally.

Do your weaknesses reveal your best parts and help you maintain a balance. Do they make you stronger inside?

Tough question. I don’t know. I am slowly learning to appreciate my weaknesses. I have always been quite hard on myself. Highly judgmental. They keep me humble, of that I am sure but the road to love my flaws is still very long.

I recently added a section called selfcare because I think it is a very important and personal subject where I share my feelings and experience.

Do you have any tips for those that want to use images on their blogs?

Absolutely. Try to keep the same color edit for all the pics in your blog post. Decide what ratio to use (4:5 , 2:3, 16:9) and maintain it. Alternate vertical and horizontal images so the post flow is more dynamic. Play with it.

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  1. This was a very well-written interview and the questions were very good ones, as were the answers! Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m looking into getting a good camera for blog photography, though I don’t take many pictures for mine….


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