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Interview with Marina Rosie

Interview with Marina Rosie

Interview with Marina Rosie @ https://www.marinawriteslife.com/

  1. More and more bloggers are stepping into our community. What way do you feel they’re influencing the cosmetics industry?

Well, a lot (and by that I mean the vast majority) of advertising used to be done on television (you know, those annoying breaks in between our favorite shows) but, unfortunately for start-up brands, those services are rather pricey. However, given the amount of beauty influencers nowadays in the industry, they have the perfect alternate method of putting their products out there: gifting them to us. Nowadays, due to the social media BOOM, a consumer is a lot more likely to trust the review of a trustworthy influencer than they are the promo video from an advert when it comes to purchasing the products, which puts more pressure on cosmetic companies to ensure that the quality of their products is up to a high standard. That, to me, is a major positive.

2. How would you describe your blogging journey so far?

My blogging journey, so far, has been somewhat beautiful, I’d say. I started this blog in 2016 when I had first moved to France as, quite frankly, lacking the French language left me feeling rather lonely and isolated – I wanted to be able to share my passion for beauty with others. I never imagined that it would bring me so many opportunities to work with amazing brands and amazing people, something that’s made me feel blessed. As a journey, it’s been fairly smooth, meaning that I haven’t encountered many bumps along the way – as soon as I got it kick-started (which, don’t get me wrong, took a while) I never looked back.

3. Do you personally compare and pick skincare and beauty products that are mentioned in your blog?

Absolutely! Although a large part of what I feature has kindly been sent over to me in PR, I only focus on the products that I actually enjoy. Of the products that I receive, I’d say I only write about 60% of them – I’m very picky so that I can provide the best recommendations for my readers.

4. How can a brand relate to a beauty blogger who serves its target market?

This question is a toughy but, in my opinion, it’s all about authenticity and not coming across as “larger than life” as such. I love to work with smaller brands in which the owners/creative directors are just like me – ordinary people with a passion for beauty. That’s how a brand can relate, especially when they’ve given everything and invested everything (not just money, also time) in said passion, as it’s a wonderful thing to see.

5. How should a brand approach a beauty blogger to be featured in her blog frequently?

There’s nothing I love more than a long-term partnership with a brand as it really allows you to get to know them and actually develop a bond! I, personally, believe that all brands should approach bloggers regarding a single collaboration to start with and, once that’s done and successful (potentially), it’s so much easier to feel comfortable with each other and continue the features together at a natural pace. There’s no point in committing to a long-term partnership without testing the waters first!

6. Is there anything that seems off-putting when a brand approaches you?

When a brand approaches me, there are, of course, certain red flags that I do keep an eye out for. Brands that give you a “script” to follow when reviewing their products and tell you word for word what to say and what not to say are a definite no-no, along with brands that offer to send you their products in exchange for a “positive” review. I’m also very wary of brands, with regards to sponsored posts, who offer ridiculously low sums of money for a feature on their cheap clothing and, on the flipside, brands offering reasonable/high sums of money and not actually paying after all of the time and effort put into the post. In order to ensure I don’t accept collaborations with brands such as these, I always do a bit of research and check out their reputation before even discussing collaboration with them. I’m not getting played, sis!

7. How long do you take to review a new brand? Do you follow a specific strategy?

Reviewing a new product/ a new brand normally takes me 3-4 weeks as it’s fairly easy to try something once and say it ‘felt nice/looked nice’ but it’s all about long-term usage and effect. I try to use the product as often as I can during that time so that I can give the most detailed and genuine review possible.

8. What do you do if a beauty product doesn’t meet your expectations?

If a product isn’t up to scratch then I tend to make contact with the brand I question and let them know of my grievances. I don’t like to automatically post a negative review without discussing my views with the brand first as there’s always a huge possibility that the reason I’m not enjoying the product is due to the fact that it just doesn’t work for me. Different products work for different people with different skin types and tastes – I wouldn’t want to negatively influence the opinion on something that could be a godsend for somebody else. However, if the product or an element of the product is just downright rubbish, I won’t hesitate to say so; it’s of high importance to me that my readers don’t waste their money.

9. Do you have any suggestions for cosmetic brands that want to reach out to beauty bloggers like you?

It’s all about making the blogger feel at ease and in a position where they can trust your brand. Make sure the pitch is unique to each blogger (I can ALWAYS tell when an email I receive is the product of a quick copy and paste action) and that you’re not coming straight in with an aggressive/assertive tone. Just let us know about your products, who you are as a brand and what you’d like from us – I love hearing about the brand themselves and getting to know them first before I do anything else. The more honest and authentic you are, the better, as I can spot passion through the words of a dedicated brand owner when it’s there and passivity from a “marketing colleague” who’s not even interested in the products they’re offering. A personal conversation rather than a pure business proposition goes a long way.

10. What do you find more attractive about beauty blogging than your other hobbies?

Answer: Beauty blogging, for me, is an escape from all stress and struggles of the real world and it allows me to take a break from my interactions in person (that is not at all me saying I dislike my friends – love you guys!) and access a new set of people from across the world.

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  1. What a great interview with some very helpful pointers! I always love finding a new blogger to follow, and I think Marina Rosie will be on my list now. Swarna, you come up with the best questions and ideas for these interviews!


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