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Interview with Ruth

Interview with Ruth

Interview with Ruth @ http://voguefauxreal.com/

Who would you describe as your fashion inspiration? 

 I love Jennifer Aniston – she’s so natural – and I love the way she dresses.  I also love to see what the princesses (Diana, Kate, Meghan) are wearing.

What’s your favorite fashion magazine?

 I really enjoy Redbook.  They feature clothes I’d actually like to wear and lots of budget fashion (and beauty and gift) ideas.

What are your latest fashion obsessions?

 I love flare jeans, moto jackets, teddy coats, high-heeled sandals with clear toe straps and mini handbags (crossbodies mostly).

Do you have a crush on a celebrity?  Just one?

 How about Denzel Washington…..Johnny Depp….Matthew McConaughey….Harrison Ford…..  I could go on and on.

How do you like to look like during Halloween?

 I don’t usually dress up for Halloween.  When I do, I have a long black wig, a black cape, black skinnies, black boots – Princess of Darkness, I guess?  Not like Elvira sexy, though.

Do you use any specific type of camera for taking snapshots of your favorite outfits?

  I have a Canon Power Shot, but I really need something with interchangeable lenses for more professional shots.

Do you prefer Heels over Flats?

 I LOVE heels but I’m really tall so I tend to go with 2-1/2” or lower.  Mostly I wear flats for running around town and daily wear, just because of the comfort factor.

Do you cherish the 60s Glam look over the 90s Grunge? 

Yes, absolutely!  I love being a woman and I jump at the chance to dress up, so definitely 60’s glam.

Do you have tattoos? Do you find them appealing?

 I do.  I have a dolphin jumping up out of a wave on my lower back.  I like tattoos but I like them to mean something and not just randomly placed unrelated art.

Would you like to share something that will surprise our audience?  I guess the funniest thing about me is that I grew up kind of nerdy and tried to dress like the popular girls and failed terribly. 

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