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Lip Balms- A daily essential For your lips

Lip Balms- A daily essential For your lips

In our daily lives, we usually use lip balms to moisturize the dry and chapped lips. But, do you know from when people started using lip balms? Well, there is an interesting fact about this. Let’s find out-

Taking Good Care of the lips: Historical References

There are lots of stories about the skin care of Egyptian empress Cleopatra and also lots of stories about her cosmetics for the lip. She used to keep wax, olive oil; honey-mixture on her lips so that her lips were not choked. Using these natural ingredients she was able to get thick and bright lips like rose petals. Besides this, for achieving reddish lips she took an extraordinary way that was the dust of ladybugs, ants and fish scales with berry juice. Such marvelous lips, which she gained that made the difference between her and the low-class people.

In the Middle East, people used body fat of ships with herbal-roots and stored them in a cool place. This was considered a safe lip balm of that time. In mythological India, they used wood-apple pulp with milk for their lips. As a result, their lips got less chapped and they achieved bright lips within a few days.

 Now a Days environmental pollution is a threat to our life. It causes harmful as well as lips. To protect the lips from these kinds of damages, you need to use lip balm throughout the year. You make it through some easy steps in a domestic way. How to do it? Give it a look…

When you need to use Lip Balm: 

 Normally people have a view that lip balms are made to use only for the winter season.  But their point of views is not right. They should use it in every season i.e.; winter, summer as well as Monsoon. In a single day, we take food four times and drink water more than that. As a result, the moisture in the lips goes off quickly, that’s why it’s important to use lip balm for all twelve months.

Some people whose lips don’t get dry, they also have a tendency to keep their lips moisturized. They think that the lips will stay fresh in this way, but it is exactly the opposite. Apparently, the lip seems wet, but the moisture is uprooted and the lip skin gets dry. To hide these lips with dry skin, many of them use glossy lipstick, but this causes more damage in lips. If they use lip balm on a daily basis, it will protect their lips from damage and also create a soft layer on it. As a result, it causes less fear of lip damage.


  • Scrubbing lips regularly by using sugar or salt with oil, as a result, the dry cell of lips get removed. After that, apply a lip balm.
  • Before going to bed, apply the lip balm.
  • At first, use lip balm in the outline area and then fill the inner portion.
  • Sunburn also occurs on the lips. In this case, use coconut oil as well as sesame oil that protect lips like an umbrella.

Natural Lip Balm:

  • Before taking bath use honey on the lip and keep it for 5 minutes, as a result, the lip remains hydrated through the day.
  • Milk cream also good for lips. It is mainly used as a brightening agent for the lips.
  • Use Alovera gel for removing the roughness of lips.

Domestic Lip- Balm:

Peppermint Oil Balm:


•    1 teaspoon coconut oil

•    1 teaspoon almond oil

•     1 tablespoon wax

•      8 drops of peppermint oil

             Process: – Take coconut oil and butter in a bowl and heat it for 2 minutes within a microwave. When the butter melts, add wax to it. Then remove the bowl from microwave and keep it for few minutes to cool. Now add some peppermint oil and mix it properly. Preserve it in a small container and use it for your need.

 Lavender Lip Balm:


•    4 tablespoon almond oil

•      1 tablespoon honey

•      1/4th teaspoon vitamin E oil

•      7 drops of Lavender oil

•       1 teaspoon of cocoa powder

                  Process: – Heat the almond oil with wax and honey. When it gets lightly heated, add some lavender oil, vitamin E oil, and cocoa powder, and blend it properly. Pour it in a bowl and put it within an ice container. Now, wait for some time.  It will freeze and you can use it for your need.

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