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Makeup Mania

Makeup Mania

In today’s modern world, makeup definitely does not define feminine beauty or denote beauty standards but it is evidently a million dollar industry that is striving. It is one of the most changing and developing industries of the time. Makeup is no more just about looking pretty; it can completely change one’s appearance. Not only women but certain men are into cosmetics and makeup materials. While on one hand, some people despise it, based on the unrealistic beauty standards it creates, on the other hand; people find their confidence in the way it makes them appear and feel. Let’s look at some of the beaming makeup brands that have become so famous that even people who despise it have perhaps heard of them.

Maybelline New York:

One of the most famous and widely used makeup brands in India. It has a wide range of materials to suit the need of its customers. In a country like India, where people have such variety of skin tone and choice, Maybelline manufactures products that suit the majority. It has provided its customers with quality products and has earned a lot of acclamation.  


Lotus Herbals:

Lotus herbals is another prominent name in the cosmetic industry. They are well known for manufacturing authentic herbal products. They not only make sure of the good look but take care of the skin as well. The products are a bit high on the price but the quality pays up. Lotus herbals have been a popular choice for generations.



Lakme is no doubt one of the topmost makeup brands in India right now. It’s been a popular choice among women for generations. Lakme serves its customers with variation and quality. Lakme manufactures every sort of makeup material. The plus point with Lakme is that you can find good quality products that satisfy you, in your range.



It is one of the most budget-friendly brands in India.  Elle18’s USP is the qualities of their product in a really pocket-friendly price. The only backdrop is that they manufacture a really limited variety of products i.e.; the basic traditional products. However, it’s developing and gradually spreading its wings.


Blue Heaven:

This is no doubt the most budget-friendly brand that has retained their goodwill in terms of quality of the products. Blue Heaven manufactures a variety of products. The shades and tones may be limited, but the increasing popularity keeps the brand high on rank. It is very convenient for them who have a low budget or are trying makeup initially.

It is needless to say that everyone is beautiful in their own way and no one needs any approval from anyone to believe that. We need to remember that cosmetic is another industry that uses marketing policies to enhance their business and it should not define beauty or perfection. It is entirely a personal choice as to whether or not to wear makeup and no one should be judged on this basis. It’s important to remember that authenticity is not measured by appearance irrespective of ‘makeup’ or ‘no makeup’.


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