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Mini Heels or Towering Stilettos?

Mini Heels or Towering Stilettos?

Both bear significant qualities, both accommodate two completely different kinds of personality, both come with their personalize admiration; let it be a mini heel or towering stilettos.

Stilettos are shoes with really very slim heels, in the French translation of these feels they are called “needle-like”. They are extremely sexy and provide a proud classic experience without the need of any platform. The height of these towering stilettos ranges from 3 to 10 inches. It goes even higher if the platform sole is used but apart from that, it remains to digits of 3 to 6 inches. It doesn’t really occupy any heavy platform on the front.

Not all high slim heels pass out the description of stilettos. The extremely slender original stiletto has a steam of solid steel or alloy. Stilettos are just not symbolic for their flattering height but even for classifying its erotic reputation. Moreover, they are not just sexy but classy as well and you can just pair them up with keen length or rather long skirts. You can even grace yourself perfectly by combining them with ankle length pants varying from trousers to ripped denim. And there you have your perfect style statement.

Short or mini-skirts are better to be kept passive when it comes to experimenting with your new hot stilettos who themselves are way too sexy; hence a balance needs to be produced proficiently.

The mini heels are just so perfect for your daily chores without degrading your fashion statement. They don’t really exceed 2 inches in height and are really comfortable and effortless to carry around. They can also be regarded as being on the shorter end of the stiletto shoes.

Introduced in the 50s, they are dinky, slender and the must come back style of 2017. It makes a sense really since it is capable of giving you a little bit of a lift but meanwhile is comfortable enough that can actually be worn from the office to the bar. It molds perfectly with your casual pants, folded or left folded letting your ankles peep out from the upward moved section of your denim.


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Don’t ever try it with large pants or the baggy ones; they just contribute flawlessly in spoiling the look. They can rather go insanely appropriate with pencil skirts are even keen length classic frocks. They can be an extreme right choice to be worn at any time of the week and as well as day.

They old found looks of mini heels as well as towering stilettos have received a massive back as if they were never really out of vogue. But it is just not so, the massive makeover and transformation is just so aptly moulded without spoiling the authenticity of the shoes. If one is classic the other one is comfy. If one is erotic the other one is elegant. It seems just so impossible to choose one from both, that fill the vogue gaps of two different sorts of style demands.

Make peace and why not going for both?


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