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Nail-O-Mania—When Colours Make a Business

Nail-O-Mania—When Colours Make a Business

Nail art is an innovative way to enhance and embellish fingernails and toenails. This type of artwork is usually done after the beauty treatments like manicure and pedicure which remove the cuticles and softens the skin around nails.

The drastic growth—The nail care industry has been growing like never before ever since the invention of modern nail polish. Can you imagine a documentary to be made on a fashion trend? Well, “Nailgasm” will not only force you to imagine but also believe in it. Nailgasm is a documentary made in 2012 when nail art became surprisingly popular in the United States.

Social relevance—Not only has nail art emerged as a current trend in the world of fashion, it has become a style statement of every individual. It is a new way to create one’s own identity through the choice of colors, selection of designs and most importantly the perfect blending of the two aptly suited with one’s complexion. Painted nails have become an emblem of classic and matured elegance.  From the charm of simplicity to the intricate patterns—nail art is a good tool for getting a not-so-clear-yet-deductible picture of one’s personality.

A new trend—Before the last two to three years, traditional shades with timeless names like pillar-box red or ballet-paper pink dominated the market. But the boom in nail art and the demand for eyebrow-raising colors like neon tangerine and moss green have turned the rules upside down. Surveys reveal that women from the new generation are using this artwork to manifest their individuality and fashion savvy.

Publicity—Publicity is one of the most important elements that constitute the backbone of any business. Until and unless new products and new ideas reach the common mass,  new trends won’t come into play. As a result, the evolution of concepts and products will cease and eventually the industry will become stagnant. As far as marketing is concerned, media plays an extremely vital role. Advertisements displayed on magazines, newspapers, and televisions, videos and images on social media and hoarding and posters on streets are equally responsible for the promotion of a new trend. Moreover, if a company chooses a celebrity as the brand ambassador, then half of the work is instantly done.

Nevertheless, nail art has definitely compiled a new chapter on the subject of the fashion industry. With the ever-changing choices of the public and evolutionary concepts of the artists, this form of fashion is selling like “hot kachoris” in the language of Satyajit Ray. So how about dropping into a nearby salon and taste the flavor of this new recipe? But please remember that comfort is the most significant and most attractive ingredient of this exquisite dish. Am I right?

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