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Oxidized Jewelry – The New Sassy

Oxidized Jewelry – The New Sassy

To follow the trend is the new fashion, and which women in today’s world has never fallen for these extra magnificent pieces. Yes, I am talking about the ever favorite oxidized jewelry collections’. A friend of mine always had this dilemma & she used to say “I really love the blackened color, but I wonder how long will it last?” Although a good question as many of us deal with the same fear. If we talk about oxidized silver color then it is superficial, Just the top layer of metal turns into the blackened. Now what actually happens is, over time even with the best of care, the oxidized finish will polish off and the true color of the silver will shine through. The look of that blackened silver piece will gradually change over time so in order to avoid it, it’s best to brace yourself for that evolution when you buy it or prepare to have it touched up from time to time.

Re-blackening is a quick process and often offered as a free service from the store or the artist that sold you the jewelry.

Oxidized finishes have the longest life on pieces that come into minimal contact with their surroundings, such as earrings and necklaces. Rings and bracelets tend not to hold their color quite as long since they rub on things we touch more frequently.

The best option for gifting.

When it comes to selecting the most adorable gift for your closest friend or for that someone special oxidized jewelry provides you with the best option.  The beauty and quality of oxidized silver are approved by creative sophisticated fashion-lovers.

These have not gained popularity only because of their unique look but also because of their versatile designs and cost-effectiveness. Wherein no one can doubt that these are comparatively cheaper than other pieces of jewelry. Oxidized metal comes in myriad patterns with stonework, delicate carving and enameling to name a few. These pieces have an old world charm and traditional appeal. Oxidization creates a light and shadow effect in jewelry while making colored stones on them stand out. Oxidized metal offers a fresh and novel look in the world of gold and silver jewelry.



Titanium and cobalt chrome are bio-compatible in nature, which is why they have been used in medical devices and implants for a number of years. For people with sensitive skin or those with nickel allergies, modern metals such as Titanium open the door to a new world of jewelry. Tin based alloys are also used to create white metal, where each casting foundry or shop has its own.



Keep your costume jewelry in a closed cardboard box, covering it up with cotton. The ideal place to store them is cool and away from sunlight. Even the indoor light sources like fluorescent lights or light bulbs turn the color of oxidized jewelry over time. If you expect not to wear a certain piece for a long time, put it in an air-tight bag and store it in a drawer.



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