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Reminiscing a South-Indian Wedding’s Refinement

Reminiscing a South-Indian Wedding’s Refinement

A marriage is always symbolized by its erudite values and ritual. It is customized according to its religion and community, but eventually, every kind of marriage signifies divinity. A Hindu marriage incorporates certain rites which make it a complete procedure of bonding for a lifetime. So is the SouthIndian wedding which is an example of antiquity, the treasure of outright moral rituals and a pure bond between two people. A South-Indian marriage stands exclusively because of its distinct practices like in Telangana, we find playing with colours, the arrival of the bride on a ‘palki’, dances like ‘Ogga’, tying ‘Mangala sutra’ around the bride’s neck and so more to look at.

A South Indian wedding has in it some idiosyncratic beauties which need a proper mentioning:

  • Ovation of the bridegroom: A characteristic ritual of the South Indian wedding associates with the arrival of the bridegroom before the big day accompanying a procession from the temple along with a special flower-adorned ride. Series of featuring events like attending the bridegroom to the ‘Mandapan’, leading the ‘Nadaswaram’ band on the streets are followed thereafter. The God of Initiation, namely Ganpati, is invoked to prevent every possible jeopardise during the sacred event. The several Gods like Nandi Devtas are pleased by washing a leaf-laden branch of Pipal tree done by 5 married women.
  • Dawn of a new life: After the worshipping, a dhoti and a saree are presented to the respective betrothed couple. The marriage is initiated by ‘Vratham’ which lays the way for the couple to begin a new life. While the bride ties a holy thread around her wrist which symbolizes power to keep away evil, and the groom from that very moment gives up his bachelorhood to involve himself in an untouched chapter of life where he is the householder. This way the initiation of a whole new affinity is developed between those two.
  • Remembrance of ancestors: During the marriage, the fathers of the bride and the bridegroom are supposed to sit facing each other construing the remaining betrothal procedure, while the names of the bride, bridegroom, and also the names of the ancestors of 3 generations are chanted by the Vedic priest during hymns.
  • Father’s affection: After the garlands are exchanged when the bride and the bridegroom are lifted by their respective cousins and brothers, the bride is made to sit on her father’s lap which depicts her as a gift being presented to the bridegroom. A ring made with ‘kusa’ is placed on top of her head opening the yoke of which the Mangal Sutra is kept, water pours from the aperture following it. The bride is celebrated with a propitious washing, later which a ‘Koorai’ saree is draped around all of which is done by the bridegroom’s sister.
  • Accompanying for a lifetime: One knot is tied by the bridegroom and two by his sister which declares the bride as their family member. The crucial moment comes when the bride and the bridegroom take seven steps together for this epitomizes their longevity of togetherness and friendship. This very step completes the marriage.
  • Accentuating on God Agni and eventual procedures: God Agni, the fire God is called by putting ghee, twigs of nine types of trees, evoking fumes which are considered to bathe the couple with healing properties. The bride is made to step on a grindstone by her right foot, while the bridegroom holds the left and the elders and the invitee’s shower rice grains smeared with turmeric, saffron as a way of approval. Fetching fire from the ‘Laaja Homam’ the bride bids farewell to her old house and enters the new house of her in-laws. This marks the end of the grand South Indian matrimony.


After the marriage concludes happily, the time afterwards is allotted only for the couple to raise understanding. The South Indian wedding planners these days have acquired much popularity by making the wedding worthy of remembering by every person visiting. Starting from pre-wedding photographs to post-wedding games, they have been acclaimed for all. If you want to be part of an authentic South Indian wedding that too where the bridegroom’s side is Punjabi, you must watch the film ‘2 States’ you’ll get the picturesque idea.


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