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Sacrifice – Is it imperative to make your marriage work?

Sacrifice – Is it imperative to make your marriage work?

Do you remember a moment in your life where you sacrificed some priciest possession for someone very important in your life? When you’re into a health marriage, it will have its fair share of sacrificing for both the partners. Two people will never be able to come together in a home, communicate, love and care for each other without suffering occasionally for each other.

Do you think that the person with whom you will spend your life is a giving and considerate person? Is he someone who can trade his comfort easily with his needs, if needed? Would he sleep beside your bed at the hospital? Would he give up his ‘me time’ to take good care of you when you’re sick?

Sacrifice sets in post-marriage

During the courting or dating phase of any relationship, the smallest of sacrifices never seem to be a big deal. You will think that you can give up smaller things like an appointment to the salon or a golf tournament. However, post marriage, reality sets in and it is then that sacrifice turns into reality.

In any marriage where each person commits to give in their 50%, they mostly fail. As there are several days when you won’t be able to give in even 50% and there will also be days when your spouse can’t give in 50%. It is true that sacrifice can sometimes sound awful but this is undoubtedly one of the best ways of showing love to someone.

Saying ‘I Love You’ is good and sometimes necessary but when you make these small sacrifices for your spouse, this is a proof that you actually mean what you say. The simple task of making dinner every night even after a tiring day at office is also a form of sacrifice. Waking up 2 hours early everyday to be able to share the financial load of your spouse is also a form of sacrifice.

How do sacrifices help a relationship?

There are several opportunities in a marriage and they even work a lot for the people involved in a marriage. Sacrifices often help in boosting the intimacy between the spouses. Are you in a relationship with a person who doesn’t want to go out without the pleasures and comforts of life, you should consider whether or not you can give all that to your partner in the near future.

No matter what, everyone has bad days and struggles in life and we all come across selfishness at a certain level. In case you are in a relationship with someone who never feels like sacrificing, you have to understand that this dynamic will not get better with time. In case you’re not willing to give sacrificially, you’re still not ready to be someone else’s spouse.

Therefore, when you think it is tough for you to sacrifice for your partner, particularly when you are never treated with respect and love, remember the ultimate sacrifice of Christ and his sacrificial giving.

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