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Shorshe Ilish or Mustard Hilsa

Shorshe Ilish or Mustard Hilsa

Sarshe Ilish is a famous dish among Bengalis made from Hilsa. It is basically mustard Hilsa. This dish has it is origin outside Bengal and even India.


Ilish /Hilsa: 11 piece, with egg

Mustard oil: 8 tbsp  

White mustard seeds: 8 tbsp

Turmeric powder: 3 tsp  

Poppy seed: 5 tbsp

Yogurt: 4 tbsp

Green chili: 6-7, adjust depending on your taste  

Salt: 2 tsp  

Water: 1 cup


Soak mustard seeds in water for 1 hour

Clean Hilsa carefully, but don’t wash for long time. It will wash away the flavours from fish. If Then marinate hilsa pieces with salt and turmeric powder and keep aside for 30 mins.

Add mustard seeds and poppy seeds with little water to a grinder jar.

In a pan add Mustard oil: 8 tbsp, paste of white mustard seeds and poppy seeds, turmeric powder, yogurt, green chili, salt, water and mix them well with a spoon. Then add Hilsa on it.

Then place the pan on the gas and cover the pan and cook on medium heat for 15 minutes.

Remove cover of the pan and drizzle some mustard oil on top of hilsa pieces.

Now you can serve with steamed rice.

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