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Some Handy Makeup Hacks and Tips for Beginners

Some Handy Makeup Hacks and Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, you must be confused with all the buzz and information floating around on the web and it could be frustrating. Therefore, I have tried to compile a few points for all you newbie makeup enthusiasts which will help you in a lot of ways.

  1. Get the perfect winged eyes

You can get the perfect winged eyeliner with the help of adhesive tapes. Take a piece of scotch tape and tone down the adhesive power by placing it on your arm. Now place the tape at the bottom of your lower eyelashes and angle it toward your temple. Now use a liquid liner or a sketch liner for the desired wings.

  1. Get long-lasting well defined lips

Well those pouts need some extra love and here is how you can give it to them. Apply foundation on your lips before starting with the lipstick and then you may shape them as you wish with a lip liner. Once you get the desired shape, fill them in with your favourite lip colour.

  1.  Add translucent powder to your beauty regime

Translucent powder is a revolutionary product that can change your makeup game. It is sheer, colourless facial powder usually used to set makeup, not to cover or add colour. It will help in mattify the t-zone and the entire if required. You may also wear it without makeup on a bare face in case you have oily skin. However, it will not cover any blemishes. Additionally, you should apply the powder below your eyes on the cheekbone before applying eyeshadow. This will make it easier for you to brush off any extra shadow that might fall on the checkbone during the process.

  1. Use ice to make the makeup stay longer

Bringing down the temperature of your skin before you start makeup is a good way of making it stay for a long time. In a hot and humid country like India keeping our makeup intact for a long time is kind of tricky. You may also freeze some aloe vera gel into cubes and rub them gently on your face instead of ice. This is specifically for the ones who have dry skin. Here is something important that you might want to remember while applying ice. Try not to use it directly on the skin. Wrap a few ice cubes in a small towel or maybe a handkerchief and gently dab it on your face and neck. Do not rub it.

  1. Set those lashes real good

Now you may not use artificial lashes every day but when you do, there are few things that I should bring to your attention. Firstly, you will feel some discomfort at the beginning but trust me that will pass and eventually you will get used to it. So once you manage to put them on, apply a layer of eyeliner on top of them close to the lashes. This will fix them really well and will look more natural.

Having said that, there is always one thing I focus upon and that is the importance of healthy and clear skin. Follow the CTM regime like your life depends on it. Drink a lot of fluids and eat fruits daily and never miss your beauty sleep. If you like my blogs please show me some love and follow me on Instagram. Click on the below link to follow me. https://www.instagram.com/swaarnali/

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  1. I didn’t think about putting translucent powder below the eyes to brush off excess shadow, great tip! Also didn’t know about using ice to cool down the face! Such a great idea especially in the summer. Thanks for the tips!

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