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Take 30-Seconds to Remove All Robust Colors from Your Skin

Take 30-Seconds to Remove All Robust Colors from Your Skin

Holi is amongst the most popular Hindu festivals celebrated in spring. A vast majority of the North Indians celebrate this festival on a full-moon day. Celebrating Holi in Mathura and Shantinketan had been a cultural tradition since ages. In states like Bihar and West Bengal, the participants impel colored powders and water on each other regardless of their social status, caste, and gender. The splashing of colors begins in the morning and continues till the afternoon. However, the celebrations often cause irritations and leave your skin vulnerable. The challenge lies in removing the colors from your skin and garments after the celebrations are over.

While you may rinse and remove some of these colors, there are also a few nasty colors that sit firmly on your skin. It’s often quite tough to remove these ugly Holi colors from your skin once the Holi Party is over. The celebrations often cause irritations and leave your skin vulnerable. You must follow a few simple steps to get rid of this problem.

First things first, skin experts advise you to apply coconut oil on the exposed areas of your skin like that of your face, arms, and hair. It will keep the color from settling down on your skin by developing a protective layer between the color and the surface. For this purpose, you may apply olive oil or castor oil.

Cold water prevents your hair from being frizzy. You’ll find it easier to handle your hair once you wash with cold water.

Rinsing your face with hot water will scatter the color all over the face. Taking off the Gulal is easy when you rub your skin with a small piece of cotton dipped in cleansing milk or Cetaphil cleanser.

Remove the most robust Holi colors from the skin.

The human skin is vulnerable to various external agents. You don’t get conscious while applying Gulal and other coloring agents. Your skin tends to suffer after a while. The main issue is pollution. Most colors possess harmful chemicals, although you may rarely come across colors that are composed of organic fruits, flowers, and herbs. Colors cause more damage to individuals possessing sensitive and dry skin.

Wipe your face with a wet cloth or towel.

Don’t let the colors settle if you’ve just returned home after enjoying a Holi party from a distant place. You must remove the color immediately with a wet towel or cloth. It won’t let the color dry up.

Use your hands to shove off color on your face and then rinse it with water.

Avoid letting the color settle on your face for a long duration. Instead, you must remove these with your fingers.

Develop a protective layer for your skin by combining Olive Oil and Coconut Oil.

You may prevent colors from settling on the skin by applying coconut oil in advance.

Create a paste with Besan and milk for removing color.

You may create a natural scrub within the comfort of your own home and apply it to remove unwanted colors. The combination of Besan and milk will remove much of the filth and dirt.

Do not go for any facial treatment at least for a week.

Irrespective of the extent to which your face has suffered, you should abstain from attending facial treatments for a minimum duration of 1week.  An hour before you take a bath you may apply a paste of Multani Mitti on your face and wash it off to remove the color after some time. You’ll experience a smooth and clean skin after you wash off your face.

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