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Tank Top – The New Trend

Tank Top – The New Trend

Looking for a gym wear? Too much drenched up & can’t take up this heat more?

Then probably you need to have your eyes on it. Yes, tank tops the most comforting yet most cool outfit which gives you the classy look even more.

Tank tops have been the trend for quite a long time & most importantly my dear friend!

Not only summers, you can wear them during any season, yeah you got me right even in the winters too. I will just help you with this. Bring on your jacket and the tank top, tuck in your tank top & wear that jacket over it, & don’t forget to go on with those cool sneakers, try out the sunglasses. And there you are! With the dazzling diva look.

For me, it’s my clothes & accessories which boosts the confidence in me whenever I travel to places.

Well, writing about tank tops I would like to mention it, tank tops are very much preferred by men too. As they turn out to be the best gym wears both for men as well women.

They let you be at ease, you don’t find yourself packed in them. Often there is a controversy between tank tops & sleeveless t-shirts or tops. As a matter of fact, tank tops are just an upgraded version of sleeveless tops or t-shirts, with a much cooler & stylish look.

The best part is they can be used with any outfit & are suitable for most occasions. Can be used for western wears whereas suits the best with traditional outfits as well.

You can carry tank tops with western as well traditional outfits both.

Going at a nightclub?

Try out a tank top with your minis(miniskirts), I would advise you to get a black tank top as black suits all skin types & can be carried along with any color skirt or shorts.

Hey! You got to attend the morning puja with your family, too tired after the late night party & are still wondering what to wear?

Okay, so here it is, take up your tank top club it with your long skirt take a scarf roll it around your neckwear some piece of pendant & you are all ready for the puja.

Tank tops are best when you are looking for that formal look.

Take up a formal jacket & go along with your tank top it would give you the best office look.

Go on with your cardigan or leather jackets during winters.


Best inner wears with chiffon shirts.

Giving you that classy look yet again, you can button or unbutton your shirt accordingly.

Accessories with tank tops.


Try out the bead necklaces or those necklaces with small pendants, go on with bracelets & big earrings.

Some more experiments.

Roll a belt along with your waist over the tank top, it does not only gives you a classy look but also boosts your confidence.


The best part about tank tops is that they can be worn with anything shorts, jeans, skirts etc.

So the next time you are out for shopping don’t forget to fill your bag with tank tops.

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