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The First 30 Days of Bringing a Cat and Dog Home

The First 30 Days of Bringing a Cat and Dog Home

Some of the very special moments in life comprise the days when we met our pets for the first time, adopted and brought them home along with us.  A pet is a new family member who needs a lot of care. The decision to bring home a pet requires a very big as it is similar to bringing home a newborn baby. In order for things to run smoothly, planning and preparation are mandatory and will make a lot of difference.


Animals like cats are territorial and they take much longer time to cope up in new homes. They feel uneasy in the new environment so they require an extra care. If you are adopting a street dog, make sure he feels comfortable with you, give him that love which he deserves and makes him feel comfortable in his new place. Your interaction with your pet should start as soon as you bring it home. Friendly gestures, welcome hug, letting him free to explore the house are some actions that will make your pet comfortable in his new home. So if you are planning to bring a pet dog or a cat soon then here are some rules you must definitely follow


Advance Preparation

A pleasant environment is needed for the newcomer. Before the special guest is about to be welcomed, the first step is to make the necessary arrangements. Food bowls, water bowl, a leash, bed and some chewing toys are a few of the things that must be brought in advance. The place where you are planning to keep your pet should be cleaned and all sort of electric wires or anything that can hurt your pet or any important things must be removed from there. Make sure that your house is safe and secure for your pet. Every one of your family should be prepared to accept the new guest with a warm gesture.

The Big Day

The first time your pet is brought over, it should be unleashed and allowed to enjoy the freedom in its new home. Do try offering the pup or the kitty a homely feeling. If there are children at home, ask them to play with your pet. If it’s a dog, he should be given the time to sniff around and get itself familiar to his new home. Making friendly gestures will help to make your pet become comfortable around his new guardians. Show your pet its sleeping place and toys. Feed him. If your dog is shy, remain calm and give him some time to adjust and display your affection. If you are bringing a cat, you must know the fact that cats do not accept new places easily and they prefer to live in small areas so give him a small area to live for a few days and let him become familiar with the particular area first and then the rest of the house. Remember cats require more time to get familiar then dogs.

First week

  • The first few days should be handled quite carefully. Go near your pet and try to interact with him. Offer him friendly gestures. You must remember that the first attempt of friendship should be made from your end. Sit beside him and try to play with him. But be careful not to force him. Wait until he accepts you.
  • Leash him up and take him for a walk to the neighborhood and let him sniff around and explore the surroundings. This will calm him. Don’t try giving instructions or making any sort of eye contact during the first few days while walking. Your pet feels overwhelmed with the surroundings at this time. So, just let him enjoy.
  • Spend quality time with him and let him know you more so that you can share a good bonding. Show him how important he is to your family.
  • Make him familiar with every corner of your house by allowing him to spend some time in each room.
  • Introduce him to his crate. Crates are the best way to house train your pet.
  • Feed him gently and give him good food of his choice for first few days. If it is a cat, it might not eat much at the beginning so try to give him similar food that he ate before coming to your place. This will make him feel comfortable.
  • Visit a pet nutritionist and make sure your pet is getting enough nutrition.


Following weeks

  • After your pet becomes a bit familiar with the new surroundings and your company, take him to a vet. It is very important to go for a regular checkup after bringing a pet home. Vaccination is extremely important for the safety of your pet and you too. Make sure that the first visit to the vet be pleasant so that your dog or cat learn to visit there in stride.
  • Start training him. Teach him good manners and habits. Most importantly teach him how to get comfortable with people around and other pets.
  • Set up a routine for your pet’s daily activities. A routine will help him in figuring out the schedules of going for a walk, meals, bathroom breaks, exercise, etc. It will also help in-house training and will be reassuring to your pet.
  • Get a license for your pet as soon as possible. It is a legal requirement which will help you in finding your pet if it gets lost.
  • If possible find a good school for your pet. Group obedience classes are very helpful in teaching them how to create a bond with others. So if you are having a dog, then a doggie daycare will be very helpful.
  • For your cat, buy a cat tree because they love surveying their territory and favor a high perch for resting.
  • Cats also have a habit of scratching. Their claws need to be worn down. So if you don’t want your furniture to get scratched and at the same time if you want your pet to be satisfied, then get some sort of scratching materials like a cardboard or something that is tall enough for your cat to extend himself upward and scratch.

Things to avoid

  • Always remember that you should never bully or harass your pet. Don’t ever use harsh language. He is a new member at your home who wants affection and love. He needs time to get familiar with you. During this time you must treat them like babies and bullying them is not at all acceptable. Any rough behavior towards your pet will make his morale go down. As a result, he will not be able to communicate freely with you and will be scared of you. This will create distance between you two and your pet will feel lonely and disturbed.
  • Do not lock him up when a guest arrives or even if he is a bit mischievous. Locking him up in a different room will tend to hurt him. Your pet is very innocent and always wants to spend time with you and your close ones. Therefore, in such circumstances, rather try asking your guests to greet him warmly. 


So these are the significant actions to be followed during the first few weeks of bringing a new pet home. When you are taking a decision to unleash a juvenile delinquent, be sure enough to be responsible and committed.

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