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The Ultimate Guide to Grooming and Bathing Your Dog

The Ultimate Guide to Grooming and Bathing Your Dog

Are you a dog lover? If yes, then probably you have faced the enormous trouble it takes to bathe your pet. Well, bathing and grooming your dog is something every dog lovers go through every time they engage in that activity. Now you must be interrogating yourself as to why it is really a necessity to bathe your dog; we have the precise answer – like humans they also need to freshen up and look good. Bathing cleans your dog off the debris giving rise to unpleasant odour compiled on their bodies’ coats. But of course, if your dog is undergoing certain specific skin conditions, then you must bathe them according to the doctors’ instructions.

Preparing for the bath requires certain tact which, if your dog gets to know, it will create a fuss. Therefore, place all your bathing equipment like a tub, towel, and the likes at a safe yet reachable location. Do this very calmly and softly so that your dog doesn’t understand a bit of it. If you are bathing it in the bathroom, make sure to equip one of your hands to hold your dog and the other to fetch shampoos and conditioner so that it doesn’t run away. Also, make sure to provide non-slippery mats to avoid your dog and even yourself injuries. Now, lure them with delicious foods to enter the bathroom.

What if your dog doesn’t love bathing? That is a very usual problem which has a very easy solution where you just have to follow a few steps:

  • Cuddle them; you heard us right. Develop in them a feeling of comfort so that after you start patting their chest, shoulders, and gradually their legs, they don’t get agitated. Also, reward them with awesome delicacies to keep them calm.
  • More and more praising and treats for a good behaviour is a must, and, in this way, acquaint bathing as a positive indulgence in your dog.
  • Make them own their bathing stuff, like towels and tubs so that they feel comfortable.
  • Use your intelligence; take your dog for a long walk or a run. Their energy will be totally spent after they return from an enjoyable outdoor activity. In this way, bathing them will be so less energy consuming for you as they will give in to your requests.
  • Now, when your dog is introduced to the possible ways of bathing, calmly take them to bathe; but, if they do not cherish that action of yours, stop immediately and try some other day.

When you are bathing your dog, a few things to keep in mind is the shampoo being used and the other products. Consult your nearest veterinary clinic for the most suitable shampoo for your dog, especially if it is suffering from specific skin conditions. Otherwise, a normal mild and gentle hypo allergic shampoo are apt for a healthy dog. Why will the dog owners condition their hair only? Your lovely pets can also be conditioned. In fact, conditioning them will make their bodies regain moisture and glisten. The other thing to keep in mind is the place to bathe your dog. If your dog tends to jump out of the tub and run away then bathing them outdoors is the best way. You can place them in bathtubs also, but if your dog seems to be solemn, then take it out for outdoor bathing. Above all, make sure the water temperature is under control. If it doesn’t work out then, one must go for professional bathing services where there are professional groomers and bathing services associated with the veterinary clinics providing bathing services.


It may so happen that your dog will start enjoying bathing, but that does not mean that you will keep on bathing them almost every day. In fact, bathing dogs quite often will take away the natural coat of moisture from their bodies making them dry. Bathe them only when you notice dirt and unpleasant odour. Dogs that are facing skin problems specifically must be showered only when the doctors prescribe, otherwise not.

Always energise your dog with rewards and praise, and, behave in a very agile manner. Initially, brush your dog if it tends to have tangles before bathing, water your dog deep down to its skin; be very particular about the body parts of the dog especially the nose, eyes, ears, mouth and also head because they are sensitive. Clean the ears with cotton balls to prevent ear infection, massage their body parts gently, condition them as told earlier, dry them and ultimately reward them.


Though most dogs shake the excess water off from their bodies, that does not end the drying process. One must use large absorbent towels to absorb the excess water and then the dogs can be set free with the little remaining water to dry on its own. Using hair dryer can be risky because dogs don’t like warm air blowing down their fur and skin. However, if still needed, one must put it under a correct temperature.


Grooming, another significant process, includes brushing the dogs. Short haired ones like the Kelpie can be brushed every few weeks, short and dense haired ones like the Husky can be brushed once a week or fortnightly whereas the long-haired ones must be brushed once every week. Trimming, one mandatory process, is performed in some dogs and the vet clinics advise the owners and also show them how to trim their dogs carefully, the main areas being around the eyes if the hair is causing irritation, around the anus if it is trapping the faeces, around the chin and lower jaw if it’s trapping food, the areas catching the debris and, also, the areas where there are tangles and mats. Brushing should also be a soothing experience for your dog and this can be done by using a suitable brush for your dog which is particularly for it, the vet clinics are the best to advise.


Hence, dogs must be paid equal attention like humans and learning all these tips is necessary, therefore.


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