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This Dhanteras, Get Dazzling with Your Favourite Jewels

This Dhanteras, Get Dazzling with Your Favourite Jewels

Ever since history “pieces of jewelry” have been of great significance in defining one’s beauty; be it a pendant, a earring or any small piece of creativity, it always adds an extra perk to your beauty. Just as the cherry on that lovely pineapple cake. The pieces of jewelry have always proven to be the best thing you can gift a lady. They are the first love of every woman & why shouldn’t they be after all they take peoples’ minds off your wrinkles, keeps you bright, beautiful & young with time.

Jewellery & Dhanteras.

Probably the best time to buy any kind of jewelry is Dhanteras, it marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations all over India. Now when I say “the best time” I simply mean you can be availed with heavy discounts & all new collections. As most of the designers launch their collections during Dhanteras, so you would have a lot of choices & of course get to wear the trendiest ornament in your lot. Also it is highly recommendable to buy gold, silver or metal on this day, as per our rituals buying gold & silver on Dhanteras is considered a holy task.  The word itself explains its meaning “dhan” meaning wealth and “teras” meaning 13, as per the Hindu calendar.

So this Diwali let us bring more spark with our dazzling ornaments, unlike every year 2017 also has its own trendiest collections. Let’s have a look on them.




Arm cuffs are the trendiest piece you will ever find, something that will fit best with every outfit be it traditional or western, you can look up for more designs of the arm cuffs at the store you visit. The best part of arm cuff is that it would never go out of fashion & it can be worn for professional purposes too. It would boost up your confidence.




Sometimes experiments do work! You can go out with single earrings & find eyes staring at you in amaze,& hey! Just try this out. Tuck the other earring in your hairs & that would simply make you look so adorable.




Looking for something with the look of antique? Oh! Have you a friend’s marriage this year ?

Then go with these handmade neatly crafted sets which will add that elegance to your look & not only on this Diwali you can wear it in parties too. These beautifully crafted sets are best suited with lehangas, sari & feel free to sum it up with your matching kurti.



Wondering what would go best with your crop top also worried about what to buy for your kurti?

Here is the clear answer to both, go for the bead pieces it goes on with everything. You can turn them into chokers as well.




Rings and neck pieces have always been the first choice of ladies, why not try out this yet another style of wearing it?

The new stocks of rings offer you this special feature of converting them into bracelets or chokers.

So, the next time you visit a jeweler store, don’t forget to add these items to your checklist.



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