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Tips And Tricks For Parents Of Newborn Babies – Handling Your Little Bundle Of Joy

Tips And Tricks For Parents Of Newborn Babies – Handling Your Little Bundle Of Joy

So now that you have gone through pregnancy, labor and delivered your little bundle of joy, you’re ready to go home and start a new busy life as a mom. Once you’re home, you’ll soon feel as if you have no idea what’s going on in your life. New parents are mostly nervous about everything related to the baby as this is a first-time experience for them. Check out the best parenting tips that will make you feel confident about handling your baby.

Seeking help post delivery

When you have just delivered a baby, it is best to get help of someone as the tasks can be overwhelming and hectic, especially when it is your first baby. There are several hospitals that have lactation consultants and feeding specialists who can assist you in getting started with bottle-feeding and nursing right away. Nurses can also help you learn how to hold your new born baby, how to make him burp, change and take care of him.

If you find yourself struggling to meet your body challenges while having to nurse your baby, you may even hire a baby nurse or a postpartum doula to help you for a short span of time soon after you return home. Guests and relatives often offer help. Try not to dismiss their advices and recommendations especially when they’re experienced moms.

How to handle your newborn baby – Few tips

Are you someone who hasn’t ever spent too much time near newborns? If yes, their fragility and vulnerability can be intimating and daunting. Nevertheless, as it’s your own baby, here are few basic things to remember.

  • Wash your hands or use a sanitizer before holding your baby. Newborns have very poor immune system and hence they’re always at risk of infection. Ensure everyone who holds your baby has clean and washed hands.
  • Give a support under the neck and head of the baby. While you carry your baby, make sure you cradle the head and give support while holding her upright and while laying her down. A newborn’s neck bones are extremely fragile and hence a support is needed.
  • Don’t ever shake your newborn baby, not even while playing. Shaking is dangerous as it can lead to bleeding in the brain and can sometimes even lead to death. In case you have to wake your baby from sleep, tickle her feet or give a gentle blow on her cheek.
  • Make sure your infant is fastened securely into the stroller or carrier or car seat. Don’t go for any activity that can be too bouncy or rough for your baby.
  • Remember that your newborn baby is still not ready for any rough play like being thrown into the air or jiggled on the knee.

Hence, if you’re a new mom who is just back from the hospital, there are several challenges ahead. Make sure you educate yourself on everything that you don’t know so that ignorance doesn’t have an adverse impact on the innocent little baby.

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  1. Being a new parent can be hard but there are lots of resources to help these days. I love these tips – so important to never shake a newborn!! Their bodies are super fragile! Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  2. Aww ❤️ both of you look awesome…I was just going through ur posts, it’s really worthwhile and glad that you are doing your part well in spreading every minute details regarding caring young ones,I’m just 19 but I just got fascinated by these details…I will store it in my memory anyway 😁

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