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Top 5 Deodorants for Women

Top 5 Deodorants for Women

Deodorants are a very important part of skin care routine, not only do they help us from sweating and preventing odour, they also give add a nice fragrance to us. Read on to know some of the best deodorant brands and their products available in India.

1) Nivea:

Nivea is hands down the most affordable and most preferred skin care brand in India. Their deodorant range is no exception to that. Nivea offers a huge range of deodorants and they are available in both spray-on and roll-on form. A personal favourite among many women and especially teenagers, deodorants from this band are easy on the pocket and long lasting as well. Some of the most popular among the brand include, Fresh Natural Roll-On and Spray, Pearl and Beauty Roll-On and Deodorant and, Whitening Smooth Skin Roll-On, choose any from those and you won’t regret.

2) Nike:

What many women don’t know is that, apart from their awesome sports merchandize Nike also offers a great range of deodorants. Made with sports persons kept in mind, Nike deodorants are strong and last throughout the day battling sweat and odour even in the hottest of summers. However, their deodorants are only available in the form of sprays and not roll-ons, but don’t let that deter you from buying them because what they lack in versatility they make up for in quality and scent. Some of their popular products include, Original Women Deo Spray, which has a mild but amazing scent, Up or Down Women Deo Spray, which smells sporty and fabulous and, Urban Musk Women Spray, which can be worn ever for parties and especially for that girl’s night out where you’re going to dance your hearts out.

3) Yardley London:

Yardley London is a house hold name when it comes to deodorant brands in India. Enjoyed by women of all ages, Yardley offers a wide range of deodorants in both roll-on and spray-on form. They offer a variety of scents all of them very feminine and classy. The scents are versatile and can be worn for all occasions ranging from weddings to brunches to work or class. Some of the scents offered by Yardley include, English Lavender, their most popular scent, English Rose, a classy scent, Morning Dew, Imperial Jasmine, and many more. No matter which scent you choose you will fall in love with it.

4) Dove:

Dove is yet another favourite among many. Though their deodorant range is not very large, the quality of their products is worth every penny. Dove offers deodorants in the form of spray-on and deodorant sticks and roll-on. The variants of Dove deodorants include, Dove Original, their hugely popular Dove Go Fresh 48H Green Tea and Cucumber, Dove Invisible Dry, Dove Silk Dry and, Dove Whitening Original. The scents of these products are not too strong, but they do the job well and are perfect for everyday use.


5) Spinz:

Spinz is a brand that offers affordable deodorants in a variety of scents. Mostly preferred by teenagers and college going girls, Spinz offers their deodorants in the form of spray-on. The scents in their range include, Spritz Enchante Perfumed Deodorant, Spinz Exotic Deodorant Spray, Spinz Samba Deodorant Spray, and Spinz Black Magic. Spinz deodorants have a very strong scent to them that prevents odour and sweat throughout the day.


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