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Top Three Big-Budget Films of Tollywood

Top Three Big-Budget Films of Tollywood

There is a considerable amount of rising in the use of technology in filmmaking and in shooting at foreign locations that make the production expensive. Bollywood has already taken the front wheel in this and Tollywood has just taken the first steps. Here are the top three big-budget films of Tollywood till date.

Chander Pahar:

Dev starrer Chander Pahar, budgeting 15 crore, is till now the highest budget film in Tollywood. It flawlessly showcased the novel by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. Set in the 18th century Africa, ‘Chander Pahar’ presents the adventures of Sankar (a Bengali man). His adventures involve several animal encounters and extensive landscape excavations, which when cinematographed cost a horse. Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films, Chander Pahar has been shot entirely in South Africa, making it the most expensive movie ever made in Tollywood. For director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, it was his ‘dream project’ as well as the biggest challenge, as he had to find the perfect locations and shoot the scenes carefully to avoid any disappointment to the novel. With a Box office collection of 21.06 crore, it is the most successful movie of Tollywood.


Yoddha: The Warrior:

Another big budget film starring Dev is Yodhha with the same budget of 15 crores. It is a historical fiction, depicting the struggle of a warrior trying to achieve his true love. The film portrays reincarnations of the characters and their final union with reference to their past life running in the background. It was again produced by the Shree Venkatesh films and was a return of the actor-director duo by Raj Chakraborty and Dev. It was also the first time pairing of Dev and Mimi on screen. In spite of extravagant setups and so many factors of attraction, this film horribly flopped with the box office collection of just 1.28 crore.


Mishawr Rawhoshyo:

Mishawr Rawhoshyo is again from the Shree Venkatesh films production and stars Prasenjit Chatterjee. With a budget of 5 crores it’s the 2nd highest budget film. This is another writing based movie, derived from the comic series ‘Kakababu’ by Sunil Gangopadhyay. It is an adventure thriller that showcases the impeccable intelligence of a Bengali middle-aged man and how he uses it to solve various mysteries in Egypt with the help of his nephew. The expenses of shooting at foreign locations and shooting the hieroglyphic trail with an absolute resemblance to the book affected the budget. On the plus side, the movie performed really well at the box office and delivered a business of 7 crores. It, no doubt, is another blockbuster from Srijit Mukherji.


This is it for now but there is more on the line. ‘Amazon Obhijaan’ is the next big budget film estimated about 25 crores, breaking all the budget. We are looking forward to more to come and we are very excited about the progress of our Bengali film industry. Hope, it continues like this.

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