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Top Upcoming Bollywood Movies in 2018

Top Upcoming Bollywood Movies in 2018

The entertainment industry is one of the most talked about and promoted industries among the media. Every year a bunch of movies releases that is much awaited by the audience. Let’s talk about some of such films that are going to release in 2018.


It is the 21st century and yet half of the population of India is either unaware or is uncomfortable talking about menstruation. In a country where the government shamelessly puts taxes on pads, a south-Indian man goes beyond the norms of the society and manufactures inexpensive pads to help the women around him. The movie Padman showcases the journey of a man from being tabooed to being celebrated. It’s a tribute to Arunachalam Muruganantham.  



The much controversial and unnecessarily criticised movie of this year. Padmavati that was supposed to be released last year in December has been postponed due to a meaningless protest by some pseudo “dharma gurus” who claimed that there were scenes of proximity between Alauddin Khilji and Padmavati and revolted against the violation of the portrayed Rajput King’s and Queen’s honor. The movie is actually about the pride, Rajput women take in ‘satitwa’ and the incident of ‘Jauhar’.     



This one records Rani Mukherjee’s official comeback. Hichki is a movie with multiple layers and though it is inspired by a Hollywood film it pretty much retains its authenticity. The movie talks about a woman with Tourette syndrome who aspires to be a teacher and comes across a group of underprivileged children. The rest is suspense. The movie makers have beautifully used the title as the movie concerns not only about the syndrome but also the hurdles one faces in life.



2.0 comes with a lot of catches. There are various factors that highlight this movie. Rajnikanth being one of them. It is a sequel to the 2010 movie Enthiran and is going to be the first Indian film shot in 3D. It’s,  till date, the most expensive movie budgeting 450 crores INR. Another specialty is that we will see Akshay Kumar as the villain for the first time in this movie. 2.0 is an action-packed science fiction movie that is worth the watch.



The movie is made by Anushka Sharma’s main production house in collaboration with KriArj Entertainment and Kyta Entertainment. It is a horror film where Anushka plays the lead role of Pari, co-starring with Bengal actor and producer Parambrata Chatterjee. This movie features Anushka Sharma in an unconventional role that itself is intriguing enough to attract the mass. Deviating from the mainstream, commercial, female leads she will be seen here experimenting with her role. The trailer hasn’t launched yet but a poster with gradual deformation of the actress’s face has created much buzz.

These are not all. There are several other movies that deserve mentioned like, October, Raid, Ayiaari, Parmanu, Veere Di Wedding, Baaghi 2 and the list goes on. This year is a full packed movie year. With much promotion of small budget films alongside the commercial ones, 2018 is going to be full of entertainment.

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