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Valentine’s Day: Where Men Ace Up the Fashion Game

Valentine’s Day: Where Men Ace Up the Fashion Game

On this Valentine’s Day, we unearth some really gorgeous couples making style statements. What we envy about them is the fashion sense they carry, and this must be noted that it is not only the woman who gives style goals but also the men. Yes, today we cannot really mark a distinct line between the styling sense of the woman and the man and that has a definite justification too. Men these days have given a somersault to their tone of styling and that has made their sense a vogue. We literally these days don’t fall back to get a glance at our famous actors, don’t you do the same? We all do. Now how come those fashionista men withdraw themselves from the ongoing trend that follows on this exclusive day of valentines.

Talking about outfits and appearances, men have given a blow when they show up dressing in a total formal look consisting of black trousers with a white shirt and paired up with a black blazer. But in valentine’s day, considering the swank of this very day, that black can easily be changed into maroon ones. A man in a maroon blazer and trousers with a white shirt beneath is a thing to die for. Oh! Not to forget the tie in contrast, along with a red rose. There are men who do not really match themselves with the formals, they are more towards being funky and cool. What about street style outfits? That will definitely mark the singularity you carry among the crowd. Dark denim with white colour polo t-shirt, matched with an olive green jacket is an apt appearance for a hip look. A sunglass and boots will add an edgy effect to your whole look.

Who told only women can be classy and emit sophisticated vibes? Men can do it in a balanced measure. Imagine a man with the forever classy white crisp shirt along with deep blue chinos, coordinated with a black wayfarer and a classic chained watch, already melt? We knew it. Nothing can really outplay a man with class and that is quite evident from the classy look he creates along with a politeness in his behaviour. On this day, we find men opting for long vacations along with their soul-mates mainly in beaches. So, while they are enjoying for instance in Miami, a casual look of striped tees and shorts along with flip-flops will really be awesome. No one wants to overdo it during vacations of course.

Nothing can beat an Indian man in his ethnics. Truly said, a man in ethnic wear is an elegant display and we find several on this valentine’s day. We come across many women dressed in sarees beautifully holding hands of their boyfriends who are fitted with those Fabindia kurtas whose very reflection gives a feeling of culture for everyone. Thus, valentine’s day cannot only be regarded now as the day of divas but also of men who equally carry their charm along with their outfits in a fantastic manner.

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