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Wear a Regal look with Traditional Bengali Bridal Jewelry

Wear a Regal look with Traditional Bengali Bridal Jewelry

Bengali Bridal Jewelry
Bridal Jewelry

You can never ignore how bridal jewellery has always been an innate part of Bengali bridal attire. Right from the ancient era, Bengali wedding ceremonies are popular for their uniqueness and endearing celebrations. A bong marriage is never complete without a traditional ‘Banarasi’ sari and heavy gold jewelry. The deep-rooted cultural trend in Bengali weddings to inherit some pieces of precious gold jewelry from mother and grandmother, keeps the legacy of goldsmiths in Kolkata alive. And this is the reason why we feel that Bengali weddings are no less than an extensive festival of happiness, rituals, traditional attire, food and gossips.

So, here comes the most amazing traditional accessories which complete a Bengali bridal look on the D-day in a unique style. Who knows after reading this you may opt for a unique Bengali wedding!

  • Tikli

Tikli is one of the archetypical pieces of jewelry necessarily required for a Bengali bride. Depending on the contemporary trends, tikli or maang tikka has now been introduced with kundan also. Ranging from the single tikka on your forehead to wide chains across the forehead, you can come across a huge variety of tikli available in the market.

tikli or maang tikka


Just like tikli, tairaa is another must have on the list of bridal jewelry for a Bengali marriage. This particular jewelry not only enhances the elegance of a bride but also helps in holding the bride’s veil firmly.

Nath or Nose ring

The traditional gold nose ring or ‘nath’ has a different charm with which the bridal beauty gets intensified. Even if you do not have a nose piercing, you can put on the traditional large ‘nath’ with clips.

Haar or Necklace

To be more particular, it is known as ‘paati haar’! From the house of old goldsmiths, you will get to know how intricate and elaborate pieces of ‘paati haar’ they have to show off in a Bengali wedding. But due to its heavy weight, often brides prefer contemporary looks studded with the kundan, polki, or diamonds.

Haar or Necklace

-Bangles or Baala

Ah! This is one of the many things you are going to love about Bengali brides i.e. their earnest love for bangles (baala) to be more precise. Be it metal bangles, glass bangles, pearl bangles, stone bracelets, choor, or that evergreen charm of shakha pola, Bengali brides are ace in handling cool fusion look. Thanks to those chandelier sets along with these stunning bangles for making the tradition of Bengali bridal jewelry more ravishing.

Kaan baala or Bangle-shaped Earrings

Following the concept of baala, ‘Kaan baala’ is also in the trend. Baala is for the wrists whereas kaan baala is for the ears. It takes the shape of an ear but looks like the form of a bangle. And not only kaan baala, jhumkas are also an evergreen option for Bengali brides that generally come with chandelier sets.

Maantasha with ring

Mantasha adorns the entire hand beautifully with a single ring attached with multiple chains. It’s a tradition to wear gold mantasha during marriage. Nowadays, contemporary style of kundan, as well as metal chains in maantasha has become a popular choice among brides.

Waist band or Kamarbandh

A sleek and embellished kamarbandh can add a royal touch to the bridal outfit and at the same time, it brings along a charming feminine look your groom would love to die for.

Nupur or Paayal

Ask a Bengali bride about ‘Nupur’ and you will end up knowing how it is romantically connected to love. This very own nickname ‘Nupur’ is for the paayal or anklets that add a glam touch to complete the Bengali bridal look right from head to toe.

So, this is our take on the ‘must-have’ Bengali bridal jewelry. Now it’s up to you whether to be a ‘Traditional Bengali Bride’ or wear a ‘Fusion’ look with contemporary jewelry.

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