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Why Do I like My Sipper from Vaya?

Why Do I like My Sipper from Vaya?

Sipper bottles have become my staple, more so after I started working out regularly. Sippers come in handy because of the comfort they offer – you can just pop open and start sipping whether it is a warm beverage or water.

Because I prefer warm beverages in my sipper, I chose Vaya Drynk, the insulated water bottle that also comes in attractive colors, fun patterns and in two comfortable sizes.

Why Vaya Drynk?

The brand Vaya has been on my list for quite some time, what with their lunchboxes and water bottles trending everywhere. While checking their insulated water bottle range, I found that not just stylish, the bottles come with unique features that I absolutely wanted!

Vibrant colors – Stainless steel water bottles in such attractive colors is difficult to find. I love my Blue Drynk, the color I really loved. Vaya also offers customization, you can have a name etched on their products! An insulated sipper with your name on it makes a great gift, doesn’t it? Additionally, I love it the water bottles come with two different types of lids that I can choose from! I love my sipper lid for gym, shopping while I love the gulper lid with cups for times when I want to share a beverage with a buddy!

Insulated, Drynk is perfect for my coffee, lemon grass tea, and even my smoothies and protein shakes! My kid absolutely loves to drink from the bottle, and how her fresh-fruit juice stays fresh and delicious even after hours of making it! Because it is slim, it snugly fits in my hand bag, gym bag and even my car cup holder. Also, it is double walled, which means I don’t have to worry about burning my fingers while holding a hot beverage, while I still get to sip it warm after a few hours.

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