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Why Should Men Use Deodorants

Why Should Men Use Deodorants

Deodorants. They are so commonplace nowadays. A little-known fact is that the deodorant came into existence in 1888, commercialized in 1903 as an antiperspirant “Everdry”, became a commercial success between 1942 and 1957 and was made into an aerosol in the 1960s by Gillette.

Everyone knows what a Deodorant is and almost everyone has used or uses it. But what makes deodorants so popular today? One aspect is definitely hygiene and body odour. Considering contemporary society, there is a lot more involved in the spread of this fragrant aerosol.


  • Public Opinion: Everyone wants to smell good. Be it after the Gym, at work, after a shower, very few of us can claim without lying that we haven’t used a deodorant. It can be considered a public courtesy not to have body odour. Yes, I know it sounds pretentious, but it’s true. If someone sitting next to you smells bad, the first reaction would be of discomfort and the first suggestion would be for the person to get some Deodorant.
  • Sex- Appeal: Good body odour is widely considered an aphrodisiac. And this is true to a large extent. But this popular opinion is blown out of proportion by companies like Axe and Denver. Hilariously these companies have been sued in the past for false advertising as the use of their products never attracted a single woman.
  • Sports: Although in no way do they contribute to anyone’s athletic prowess, deodorants have become synonymous with sports. Sporting companies like Adidas and Nike have their own line up of sporting deodorants. These are further endorsed by athletes, this polarizes public opinion and convinces people to use these particular brands. It’s a rather simple process really, wouldn’t you use the same deodorant your favourite sports star uses.
  • The way you smell defines who you are: “Smell Like a Man”, hmmm, where have we heard that before? Old Spice, that’s where we’ve heard it. Labels such as these also prompt people to buy specific types of deodorants from specific companies. Not a bad market strategy if you were to actually think about it. It is not just Old Spice that does this, but plenty of others do it too. Putting labels on deodorants is an extremely popular method to garner a marketbase.


  • Deodorants for Men: Segregation of deodorants on the basis of sex is very common with today’s brands. Men and Women have different deodorants based on the smell, since smells can be classified as masculine and feminine.

Whatever has been mentioned in this article is not meant as criticism towards deodorant companies. It is more of an analysis really. An analysis of how they have become so popular and have established such a diverse market base. It’s quite evident that we all use deodorants and we all will for a long time.

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