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Your Favorite Summer Drink to Beat the Heat

Your Favorite Summer Drink to Beat the Heat

The summer of 2019 has already been hot and humid through April and May. The beverage makers have their cash registers rolling as most Indians feel exhausted and numb in the middle of May. With each passing day, the duration of running the Air conditioner seems to be stretching longer.

You might be wondering how to escape the scorching heat while following a few quick cooling tips at a popular magazine. But you must remember that the beverages are often carbonated drinks bearing artificial flavors and colors, which have their share of side effects on the human body. Apart from the ill-effects of drinking from a plastic bottle, you’ll also need to cope with the harmful effects of sweetening agents like the fructose corn syrup. You may curb the effects of consuming such drinks by replacing them with natural drinks that you can prepare at home.

Let’s Consider a Few of the Easy-to-prepare Drinks:

Cucumber Mint Drink

Adding a bit of mint and a few slices of cucumber to cold water can develop a magical combination. You’ll love this cooling summer drink as it also tastes delicious. For an eight-fold serving, you may pour chopped mint worth ½ a cup in the four-quart pitcher and team it up with ½ of cucumber that’s appropriately sliced. Add 16 cups of water in the pitcher, stir it well, and serve it chilled. Those of you who can grow cucumbers and mint to this beverage will gain more bonus points.

Melon Puree

It’s certainly easy to make and feel refreshed while sipping. Melons are a rich source of vitamin C, and you may retain their healthy fiber when you replace the juicing with puree. Get a few chunks of cantaloupe or honeydew melon slices. Stir it till it turns smooth; pour a bit of water to make it thin if you like that. To experience extra cooling, serve the puree chilled. Apart from cantaloupe and honeydew, you may even try some sweet melon.

 Icy Green Tea

You can brew some tea out in the Sun, instead of using the stove; it won’t heat your kitchen. However, it will need some planning in advance. For a sumptuous serving, you must collect organic green tea worth 15 bags in a container and pour water worth a gallon. Squeeze two lemons and pour the juice in your bowl. Add about 1/2c of whole fresh mint leaves and mix the entire thing up with a pinch of your favorite sweetener. 

Get a container worth storing a gallon and get it cleaned. You must blend the mint, water, and tea bags within the container and dry it in the Sun for a few hours depending on the extent to which you want your tea to be dark. You may even pull the tea bags out and pour a little lemon juice for sweetening it up. The drink needs to be served chilled, and it tastes even better when you serve it on ice.

Ginger Cooler

As the temperature starts heating up, the spicy drinks may not seem that intuitive; however, the spicy foods are capable of controlling your body temperature. The Ginger Cooler drink may help you maintain average body temperature. All you need to collect are ginger worth 1/4c chopped finely, and mint leaves worth 1/2c cut adequately. Add to this the juice of a single lime and parking water worth 6 cups. To increase its taste, you may use some sweetener of your choice. Blend all the ingredients and have it chilled. If you’re among those that don’t like the textures of mint balls and ginger, you may need to strain the drink.

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  1. These sound so refreshing! I don’t drink carbonated beverages much (maybe a couple of them a year but usually not even that much) and I don’t drink sweetened beverages much. I do love flavored waters and you’ve reminded me that I have mint growing outside my back patio that I need to put to good use. Thank you for sharing these.


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